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Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is an Erasmus+ mobility project for VET learners, which has been prepared by Rize Ahmet Hamdi İshakoğlu Vocational High School and will be carried out with the partnerships of Taşucu Prof. Dr. Durmuş Tezcan Vocational High School and Antalya Konyaaltı Fettah Tamince Vocational High School. 40 students and 4 teachers of vocational subjects will participate in the project from these partner schools. Turkey is a peninsula country surrounded by sea on three sides. It is known that maritime transport in Anatolia dates back the earliest time of history. There are some historical artifacts which date back to 4th century BC and can be considered as the proof of navigation in Anatolia in that time. Navigation started and enlarged in Mediterranean which is surrounded by lands and considered as the trade center in ancient times. Rising of Ottoman Empire in Near East and East Mediterranean and beginning of the growth of Turkish Navigation all over the world happened in the Age of Bayezid II (1481-1512). Barbaros Hayrettin Pasha who lived heyday of Turkish Navigation started his duty in 1534 and he won many victories and succeeded several military expeditions for 12 years. In the republican period, in 1927, Turkish Navigation had an 92 non-engine operations and 18 engine operations which uses 1356, 7 horsepower in production and reparation industry of boat, sandal and ship. There were 149 engines and 1613 workers at engine operations. After years, Turkish Navigation couldn’t reach the desired level and Navigation Sector could not provide the required contribution to the Turkish Economy. Despite being at one of the most critical point of the world by connecting Black Sea, Marmara , Agean and Meditarranean Sea, the Bosphorus isn’t sufficient in terms of ship fires. The fires breaking out in shipyards cause loss of life and propert. In a year, average of 60 small and medium sized fires break out on the ships which harbour in Rize and İskenderun ports and they cause important property loss. 9 important fires were seen in Antalya port last year. Turkey ranks first in the list of work-related accident rates of Europe and third in the world. According to the Ministry Of Labor and Social Security’s data, 172 work-related accidents happen in Turkey. About 4 people die because of these accidents and about 6 workers become disabled. In 27 member countries of European Union, the rate of deadly work accident is 2,1 per 100,000 employee while it’s 7 times higher (14,3) in our country. Deadly work accidents which happen in the shipyards of Turkey, especially in Tuzla, and hundreds of people who die because of ship fires make us quite unhappy. International maritime commerce has reached big amounts during its development period and countries have had to enlarge and develop their fleets. Especially in the last half of 20th century , petroleum played a big role on countries’ economy. The fires which occurred in the huge fuel tanks have caused big problems for the cruising and port safety. The ships especially have to fight the fires which occur during their cruising by themselves. Otherwise sinking of the ship, life and property loss will be inevitable. Our aim in this project is to train 40 participant students, who study navigation at project partner schools, in the leading countries of maritime sector in Europe such as Spain and Germany. They will learn have theoretical and practical education on these issues below and on their up-to-date technology: 1. The standards of occupational health and safety in EU, 2. The risks of occupational health and safety on the ships. 3. Occupational health and safety management systems on the ships, 4. Causes of fires on the ships, a) Fires on ships and precautions of fires, b) Personal equipments used to fight fires, c) Firefighting systems, d) Portable extinguishers, fire extinguishing organization and techniques. Thus, we will get qualified intermediate staffs that have studied “safety on ships” in Europe and they will be employed. The partner institutions, Isis Finishing Oy in Finland, Nstituto Tecnológico De Castilla Y Leon in Spain and Berufskolleg Ostvest - Sekundarstufe II in Germany, are the leading maritime companies where our students can be trained for the last technology in this field. The project will be carried out from 01/06/2015 to 31/05/2016 and the mobilitiy activities will be held between the dates 30/01/2015 and 15/02/2016. Dissemination actions of our Project will be done in all vocational high schools for navigation around Turkey. Vocational education documents taken from Europe will be sent to all managements which operate in marine area in Antalya, Rize and Mersin and meetings will be held to inform these institutions.



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