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Gemeinsam Lernen: Wertschöpfung durch Vielfalt und Internationalisierung
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

For our school it is essential to spezialize in the following fields: International Relations, Foreign Languages, Social Competences and the European Dimension in Information- and Communication Technologies. Therefore teachers have applied for Teacher Training Courses and European Seminars in these fields. To stimulate the European Dimension and to secure standards and a certain quality in foreign language teaching it is essential for teachers to attend language courses in the country where the language is actually spoken. Information- and Communication Technologies are part of the curriculum at our school and taught in Languages and Maths integratively. Teacher Training in this field is essential because we want to bring the European Dimension into ICT. Students should use European platforms to exchange knowledge with students from partner institutions and thus learn more about themselves, about others and Europe. Outdoor Education Training facilitates the knowledge of new teaching concepts and adds a social dimension to the classroom, valuable for teachers who want to strengthen the group and group learning. International Seminars provide the opportunity to meet people from different countries and cultures from all over Europe and will lead to personal contacts that might lead to school partnerships and multilateral projects in the future. Establishing international contacts and bringing the European dimension into our school is the longterm goal and a valuable side-product of International Teacher Training Courses. How can we integrate the European dimension into everyday teaching? Everything learned in structured training courses can be directly applied to the school's curriculum via language learning, cultural education, international dialogue, implementation of new learning concepts, ICT with a European dimension (using the internet and social platforms). Students and teachers will gain knowledge on European cultures and traditions, European school systems and curricula, will establish school partnerships and discuss matters via the internet with partner institutions. Students and teachers will strengthen their social competences, will share a special group experience and will learn about themselves and others. Trained teachers secure the quality of teaching, facilitate the European thought and motivate students to actively use foreign languages. Training courses in the fields mentioned above are a means to work together with colleagues from all over Europe effectively. Sharing thougths and information is the first step towards a better understanding and teachers will be multipliers to spread the European thought.