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Gelişim ve Bilim ''Development and Science''
Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Applicant Institution: Private Nesibe Aydın Schools Project's name: Development and Science. Date of the Project: 01/ 06 / 2015 - 06/2016. Profile and Number of Participants: An administrator, an Assessment Evaluation Specialist, an Education Program Development Specialist, and three Teachers, a total of 6 people. As Nesibe Aydın Schools, since the day, it started the education life, several projects have been run with gifted and talented kids so far. These projects are called '' Development and Science''. This program has been prepared by Education Assessment and Evaluation Specialists, Education Program Development Specialists, -they work at our school- also Lecturers who are supported by academicians. If gifted and talented students don't have education according to their capacities, their capabilities will become weaker and the kids may face psychological problems. If these kids aren't identified or supported sufficiently by their parents and teachers, they may try to draw someone’s' attention by using negative behaviors. When gifted kids are identified, their teachers must offer more enriched education opportunities to these students. It has been a very important requirement for us to study regarding these subjects, learn and experience international techniques and methods while doing these studies. Thanks to our project, our goal is to help increase the students’ interests in lessons and academic success. We also help our students to identify their interests, improve their psychomotor skills, creative, critical thinking skills, problem solving, decision making, searching, communication and technology skills. Thus, the students will improve these important skills which take part in every area of their lives. Therefore, it is very important and required for our teachers to learn teaching techniques and methods to be followed in education at an international platform. After this education, our school will be a model for many institutions in our country to evaluate our gifted and talented students, form a better program and integrate the innovations in our program. Our teachers who study with gifted and talented kids will have important acquisitions and they will provide a better education to their students.