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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The improvements in education systems pave the way for these developments in a world that changes rapidly and keeps changing. The reasons behind the enhancement in the quality of educational activities are the evolution of the educational content to the most appropriate form to human beings, the transformation of the actual technical infrastructure into a responsive one to the expectations of a progressing world, and the increase in the quality of teachers. There are very critical duties for the principal in the effective management of all the resources of a school in order to achieve the maximum efficiency. Rather than remaining the school directors in the conventional form, the principals must re-invent themselves into educational leaders for the changing world. Taking the school as an organization of education, its principal must have the leadership qualifications for making this organization the most successful. The administrative leader who is supposed to possess the necessary experience and know-how for the effective employment of all the school components must motivate and orchestrate the most critical factor of the school, the human resources in order to achieve the maximum efficiency. Furthermore, the principals must have an international outlook that will integrate their schools into the changing and progressing world and they must facilitate the awareness of their capable personnel of the latest development in the world. Notably for the schools with limited material resources in our countryside town, teachers are singled out to be the most critical component of educational activities. The performance of our teachers bears huge importance to the achievement of expected level of academic success by our precious pupils as well as to the optimum realization of their social activities. Once again, the leadership qualifications of our principals and their effective management of human resources are required. The schools of our town are not as successful in academic and social terms as expected. The reason is mostly found in the insufficient efficiency of the present human resources, therefore it is concluded that the participation of the heads of school in our town in the education programs in Europe for this topic should help. A course on the subject of “the efficient utilization of human resources in educational facilities” will take place in Paris and another in the topic of “the improvements at primary, secondary and high schools, quality review and enhancement” will take place in Southampton. Two people from the schools that are members to the consortium and one person from the District Directorate of National Education that is head of the consortium will take part in each of these courses. The participants will be selected from all of the intact schools in our small town. Because of the insufficient room for everyone, there will also be a selection among the administrative staff. The selection of the participants will depend on the occupational qualifications of our administrative staff, i.e., their seniority, past experiences and language skills, and will be handled by the executive team of the project that is to be created within the District Directorate of National Education. The participation in the course in Paris will contribute to the participants’ increased awareness of the efficient management of human resources in education; they will have opportunities for the improvement of their professional profiles; they will enhance the capability of managing human resources efficiently; and they will acquire effective communication skills and crisis management. The participation in the course in Southampton will produce the opportunity to closely observe the activities by different institutions; the participants will obtain information about the others’ activities via interviews with the heads of schools; and they will follow the presentations about the education system in England. The acquired knowledge via the courses of the participants, in turn, will be transmitted to all of the administrative staff through Intra-Service Education Logic to be planned and implemented by the executive team of the project. The project will also ensure that both the course participants and all the other educational leaders who benefit from these course in one way or another recognize the new leadership qualifications in place of the conventional notion of mere school directors. The principals will become leaders who are able to manage the human resources of schools more efficiently. These leaders who will reach new heights in research, learning, motivation and leadership will then be able not only to manage their school personnel but also to guide the parents and the population.