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Date du début: 1 oct. 2015, Date de fin: 30 sept. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our aim was to provide opportunities for our students to gain the 21st century skills and enable them to be well-qualified employees who can use technology effectively. The acquisition of these skills is available in Europe development plan and in Turkey’s 2020 strategic plan. Our students have learnt how to obtain information, and they have found opportunities to create their own learning materials by rearranging this information. According to PISA test results, our country was the 42nd among 65 countries. Our students were not good at science and maths and their reading comprehension skills were not well enough. According to the essay exam results that were held in our school, the students’ academic success rate was between 15% and 20%. The teachers in our school used traditional methods in their lessons. In this method, students couldn’t find chance to go beyond listening and monitoring, they couldn’t learn in an active way, their attention spans got shorter and their motivation levels decreased. In 2013-2014 academic year, some of our teachers began to practice etwinning and iTEC projects in their classes with their own efforts. When we looked at the exam results in these classes, we realized that students’ academic success increased to 40%. So our teachers decided to join the Digital Extra course in Stockholm between the 31st of July and 6th of August in 2016 ( in order to associate innovative methods and technologies with curriculum in education of science and maths. By participating in this course, our teachers took a step to the objectives which is located in both European development plan and in Turkey’s strategic plan such as life long learning, increasing the employment by imparting digital literacy skills, cooperation for the exchange of good practices and innovation, increasing training skills and creation equality in education. Also the topics in science and mathematics were embodied in a panoramic image and the content was developed with web 2.0 tools. 11 teachers attended in the course from our school. A project management team was established to conduct, steer and lead the project. The management team selected a Project team. They selected the participants among the people who had Project experiences, team work skills, joined to located courses, know a foreign language enough to represent Turkey in abroad. Besides, the criteria of joining in an etwinning Project or committing the iTEC in their lessons was also decisive. In addition , the management team carried out all the works of participants such as traveling, accommodation, insurance, security, visa and learning agreement, made information meetings, gave all kinds of support and guidance before, during, and after the Project. The Project was monitored by the management team in every stage, impact analysis were prepared before and after Project activities, achieving the planned target and using the budget in relevant was checked. The project management team informed the participants to use the technology in education with the curriculum by creating a virtual classroom and planned to organize workshops. Each participant gave this training to 20 students, so that 220 students participated in active projects. Students developed content into groups of 4 and project teachers guided them. After the Project meetings were held for the teachers who didn’t attend the course and parents, the web site was set up, pressing flyers and brochures were distributed to neighboring schools, web 2.0 tools were classified as appropriate to each course, etwinning projects were done. At the end of the course the participants; shared their experiences by communicating directly with teachers in Europe, exchanged information, improved their language skills, made group-work studies, planned etwinning projects and became training teachers in using web 2.0 tools. Our staff is ready to use smart boards and tablets which are given by FATİH Project. The students’ motivation and readiness level has increased, expression skills has developed, confidence has increased and they have realized their talents. School has become the center of attraction, absenteeism has reduced and early school leaving has been prevented. Parents has changed their views to school in a positive way, their confidence to institutions and to teachers has increased. As a result, our school has become an example in district and province and has provided guidance to the other schools. Website, where the studies take part, has been published in the EBA.