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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Having worked on increasing the academic success of students in our school, it has been detected that primarily teachers’ professional development will be helpful to the students. As the traditional methods are in sufficient, different techniques have been looked for. As the result of researches, education through technology helps the students learn in their own pace without the limitations of the time and space and accordable to their changing learning habits. Thus it makes students successful. Upon this basis, as the first step of our project, it is planned to train the teachers in their career in order to improve their ability in using technology. However the ability to use the technology requires different techniques and can be only generalized in this way. An innovative second training that both includes technology and differs from traditional teaching methods is crucial. This second training which proved to be successful is about the ‘Flipped Classroom Model’. In this model teachers directs the students to the e-contents. Students learn the topic online outside the classroom and come to the class. In the class, teachers reinforce the topic via activities and homework so the learning becomes permanent. Our participants include ten head teachers from each branch who has got proficient English, academic studies, master and doctorate degrees. Thus, head teachers will share the practices the outputs of the training with their colleagues. Participants are proficient in language, career and professional experiences, innovative volunteers but are lack of ability to use technology in education. Our project is an on-the-job training. Workshops and activities will be done during the training and finally two certificates of EUROPASS Mobility and Achievement will be given. Our participants will run a seminary to share their experiences. They will teach their two classes of the same grade with different methods, one with traditional and the other with flipped model. They will form a lesson plan and web blog, teaching videos, e-contents, afterwards. They will direct the students to these e-materials and e-twinning pages. In the classroom, the topics will be consolidates with tests, homework and activities. When the lesson plan is full executed, two class will be compared by taking a common evaluation exam. After the teacher prepare a report about all the process, they will run another seminary to share the e-materials and the success and will generalize the project. A questionnaire will be applied to take students’ opinion about the efficiency of the new teaching model in the flipped classrooms. To generalize the outputs of our works, we will share our experiences with all the teachers in the province. Students, teachers and the administration will write a report from their point of views. The projects will be practicable in long terms because the contribution to their professional development will reflect upon students’ learning throughout their career. Moreover, the e-content is useful in long term as it is accessible everywhere and every time for lifelong learning. A teacher who learns lifelong and improves his/her vision comparing it with EU education systems, will be a good example. Our students’ success will rise, as one of our aims in our strategic plan of our institution which encloses the years between 2015 and 2019. We will bring up individuals who are innovative, corporative and lifelong learner and has qualified knowledge for the market and capability to use technology