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Date du début: 31 déc. 2015, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our Project involves; how to deal with the students giving the signals of early school drops and in-service training to enhance the awareness and the capabilitiy of teachers about preventing early school drops. Mersin is a cosmopolite city where people constantly immigrate from different parts of the country.There are small and cheap site flats at our school neighbourhood which makes here one of the best places of the city for those who immigrate and have lower economic status. Therefore , as a school we encounter lower income families’ children with different ethnical, cultural, linguistic, religious backgrounds . in addition to this most of our students parents have low level of education and they can’t deal with the their kids’ educational progress The existing teaching methods and school atmosphere don’t attract the students interests and don’t motivate them. Their social-economic situation with the existing teaching methods lead them to gain negative attitudes towards education and discontine to the formal eduation. I t is a nondoubtfull fact that educion supports the development of the communities. At this point , the fact that educated individuals develop the communuties can be seen. Despite this, it is understood that there are various obstacles for individuals in the way of continuing their education. These obstacles sometimes causes individuals to be reluctant to go to school or to leave the schools. However pre-condition to raise educated individuals who will develop the communuty ,is regular .attendance of individuals to formal education. In recent years, it is noticed that in many countries school drop outs increased day by day. This increase in school drop outs have especially negative social and economic effects and risks such as unemployment , substance addictions, and “children brides”. To prevent these risks ,it is very important to motivate the individuals to attend formal education. By this way we have the same targets with Europe2020: reducing school drop-out from rates%15 to below rates 10%.and increasing the attendance of higher education from rates%32 to rates %40 Our Project aims to help students to continue the formal education by contacting and involving the parents, teachers,and the school management of the students in disadvantaged social groups ,the students who discontinue the formal education, or the students who have never attended the school . By this way we will enhance the awareness for the problem. Our school staff will have 5 days “Current Issues in Education – Early School Leaving ” course in Prag by the international teacher training center ITC. We prefer this organization as a course provider as ITC has started to actively participate in European Union projects in the field of Life Long Learning for a long time And have International quallity certificates. We will make linguistic, Professional and culuturel preparation for “Current Issues in Education – Early School Leaving “ course which is going to Let us to meet colleagues of different nationalities within the EU, to enhance intercultural awareness, to improve foreign language competences and to increase capacity to cooperate on international level , will help our profesional and personal growth. If our Project is approved, a group with 5 staff will participate the course in Prague (09-13/06/2016). Project coordinaters and the participnts will perform all works about the obtaining permission from Government Office ,taking passports, ensurance,travelling,accommodation affairs. The participant teachers will share the experiences, ideas,and competencies they have with their colleagues with the lectures they will give the other schools.Thus Project will have impact on more students. The Project results will be published at web-site of the Education-Ministry Office and local press ,At the end of the project a booklet including all the details of the project will be prepared.



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