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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth affairs are one of the most important sphere in the society, oriented on the future. At the same time, your sphere is a mirror, a reflection of the common situation in the society. And while youth workers realize series of projects, aimed on youth development and involvement, the main question remains opened: the question of Values.The value systems that prevail in our societies define the way we will move and it is a topic that is not well investigated due to the fact that the common understanding on this topic is that value are “our own business” and we do not need to discuss them with others or let them to question them. This approach has very deep roots in a lot of dictatorships and authoritarian regimes that existed not very long time ago and still exist in some countries part to Erasmus+ Programme. But actually it is not possible not to reflect on this topic when such an intense migration flows are happening and with societies that are coming more and more multicultural.We have to address the issue of the values that guide us, to see where some values are taking our societies and individual members of those societies. This topic is very much linked also with intercultural, interfaith and other types of culture related dialogue processes. To reflect on those topics and to understand how and if they should be addressed in our youth work activities in our communities we have initiated this Seminar.The Seminar will address the following objectives:-To provide an opportunity for participants from youth work sector for reflection on one of the most important personal and societal topic – Values;- To facilitate awareness of youth workers on definition, appreciation, management and challenges of the topic of Values;- To equip participants with innovative tools and methods, which can be used in their communities in work with young people to manage the sphere of Values on personal, societal and civilizational levels;- To find out obstacles and challenges in youth work and youth development, which have become the result of social changes of values’ system, and to provide a space for discussions and determine common solutions to use them in youth work in participants’ communities;- To give participants the chance to commonly develop strategies to extend their activities by developing multi-stakeholder cooperation;- To develop follow-up projects for international cooperation to further elaborate the topics of current Training Course and involving more participants in the study and social transformation processes.



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