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Gate into many cultures - Brána do mnoha kultur
Date du début: 5 janv. 2015, Date de fin: 4 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our non-profit organization is located in Třinec and was founded in 2003. The town of Třinec is situated on borders with Poland, in the north-eastern part of the Czech Republic. Our region is multicultural and it is influenced by heavy manufacturing and rich history. We work in three different towns of this region. Bunkr o.p.s. focuses on chidren and young people and their families. We concentrate especially on those, who have to face difficult social situations or who are dealing with some kind of troubles. We are engaged in prevention, specialized social services and free time activities. The word Bunkr means a fortified place, which offers protection and safety to people inside. We work on buidling safe places for young people using our professional skills, where children and youths can find refuge, help or answers to their questions. We have been inviting and hosting volunteers from abroad since 2005. We create a safe place for their stay, new experience and realization of their ideas. Volunteers have the possibility to gain new skills, try working with children and youths, learn new information about social services, get involved into regular free time activities and preparation of bigger events. By their presence they can influence opinions and approach to other cultures and nationalities of our clients, cooperating students and youths. They might even inspire some of them to experience something simular to EVS. Thanks to this project five young people from five different countries have the possibility to join our Bunkr Team. We are looking forward to finding out about their cultures and themselves. In return for that the volunteers will be able to get a taste of not only Czech, but also Polish, Slovak, Romany or maybe even Greek culture. This way the title of the project "Gate into many cultures" will be fulfilled.



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