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Date du début: 1 juin 2016, Date de fin: 31 mai 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As the name of the project – Culinary tourism in Europe – our objective is to make our institution live up to the European standards in catering education. Due to the expectation of the new curriculum and the challenge of the new teacher life model we need to work on the change of the main school documents. Our teachers need to be prepared to reach the European level of the vocation training based on European standards. Thus we need to offer such trainings to our colleagues that help to realise the above mentioned aims. The relationship with France both its gastronomy and its vocational education meet this expectations. 4 colleagues would go there during the 2-year period. This year we would like to increase the number of our partnerships by sendig 4 colleagues to an educational institution in Spain. Returning from the partners they would present their portfolio via work diary, report, presentation and practice. Those students who are going to do a 1, and 2-month practice study (10 students in Bavaria, 10 students in Sicily) in the old vocational education system and they are in year 11 and 12. They basically have very little practice and only in the school. The aim of their travel is to increase their hours spent with practice. Another group are based on students taking part in a post graduate education called OKJ (National Qualification Registry) training. This group together with the newly started students in Year 9 are in a new form of education that needs a practising place each year which could mean a problem in such a big number. That is why we are planning continuous practice abroad. A practice abroad has an essential role in our Pedadogical Progamme for a more important reason. The students would get more knowledge, their motivation would increase and they could come back to Hungary being more commited to the profession, with the ability of using the IKT tools, work discipline, etc. 20 students would take part in this 1-, and 2-month practice in 2 parts. Spreading their experience more youngsters would apply to our school, the satisfaction of our partners would also increase (IMIP), and last but not least such students could get out of our school with a new attitude with the ability of renewing, which could innovate the Hungarian catering. A third group in the project is of 2 students who would spend a 12-month -education in France in two parts. They are students who have already passed their school leaving exam in our school and at the moment they are taking part in the post graduate OKJ training. In that year in France they would get a certificate with the help of which they could apply to any job in Europe. Our project thus fits in that institutional programme which aims to innovate.

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