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Gastronomie vor Ort
Date du début: 1 févr. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background of the project:Italy and France are role models for the businesses of the region due to its reputation and wide variety of hospitality offers. Therefore it is vital that the apprentices taking part in this project are highly motivated, committed to the project and cosmopolitan.The aims of the project:• To expand the experience and know-how of the apprentices as Italy is a pioneer of the hospitality industry• To enhance the career prospects of the apprentices through furthering the specialist know-how, improving language skills and social competences.• To break-down any resentment of other culturesThe number and profile of the participants:66 apprentices that are training to be chefs, hotel trainees and restaurant trainees8 teaching staffDescription of the activities:The apprentices have to prepare themselves by learning the language and facts about the country and they have to find out about the typical dishes that vary from region to region as well as studying various menus. They also have to undertake work experience in an Italian gastronomic business, study and work with exchange partners in the professional hospitality school, visit food production businesses and learn the language and culture of the country by taking part in day trips. The procedure of the project:Lessons with pupil-and-competence oriented teaching methods (e.g. tandem method, projects, work placements, day trips and practical surveys).Description of the results that are expected to be achieved:Details of the project and its results will be publicized in the regional press, in order to provide a global view of the training. It will also be publicized in the trade press in order to achieve nation-wide publicity of the training. If needed, there will be a road-show for the trainers, training businesses and other training facilities in the region. The report about the exchange program will be made public on the internet.Expected long-term benefits:The exchange program will create forms of individualized further training in specialist subjects and also in language skills, as all participants will increase their knowledge in these areas. They will also be confronted with different methods of food preparation and eating habits in the partner country resulting in an increased acceptance of the inhabitants of the neighboring countries.



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