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GaN powered Ka-band high-efficiency multi-beam transceivers for SATellites (GANSAT)
Date du début: 23 sept. 2013, Date de fin: 1 oct. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

GANSAT – GaN powered Ka-band high-efficiency multi-beam transceivers for SATellitesGaN technologies appear to be a key element for the space industry. Their use in the power amplification stage of satellites will represent a significant progress versus actual designs and benefit to broadcast systems. In addition, the good noise feature opens the door to high performing low noise amplifiers and local oscillators used in broadband system. Last but not least the intrinsic robustness of the technology and the high integration of the equipment’s will enable the design of new advanced application using micro/mini satellites. The latter being the most challenging towards the technology has been chosen as the primary target of the GaNSat Project.The project addresses significant challenges in high-frequency high-power satellite radio transceivers:1 - Enhanced robustness and functionality of radio transceivers at Ka band2 - Space qualification of GaN MMICs3 - High-efficiency high-power multi-beam active TX/RX antenna4 - High-efficiency high-linearity PA5 - New linearization technique



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