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Gamify Your Teaching – increasing vocational competences of entrepreneurship Teachers with the use of gamification
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

More than 5 million people under 25 are unemployed in EU today. According to “Rethinking Education” initiative (2012), in order to build “skills for the 21st century”, efforts are needed to develop skills such as entrepreneurship, which should be given particular attention, since they enhance employability of people. Entrepreneurship is included in national curricula to VET of many EU countries but despite that, according to the Final Report of the Expert Group (Entrepreneurship in VET) there is still a gap to be filled because: teaching methods are ineffective, the practical element of entrepreneurship is missing, Teachers are not fully competent. The main aim of the Gamify Your Teaching project is to support professional development of vocational competences of teachers and trainers of entrepreneurship and to enhance ICT teaching through an innovative pedagogy and approach to teaching with the use of gamification. To achieve this aim, the project puts forward two general objectives: - to create and test of simulation game with practical elements covering 7 entrepreneurship subject areas - to create and test methodology (didactic materials for Teachers) of teaching entrepreneurship with the use of the gamification The project will directly engage VET Teachers from Romania, Italy, Lithuania, Poland, United Kingdom, Spain and Greece. The Teachers will participate in various stages of the project expressing opinions and testing didactic materials prepared especially for them. Also the students will be directly involved in activities. At the beginning they will tell game creators about expectations regarding the game, they will test and evaluate it. Such direct participation is expected at minimum of 578 people. In addition to that, other participants from the area of VET education will be informed about the project results. Minimum of 275 stakeholders will take part in dedicated to the project multiplication events and others will be informed at different occasions and via internet. This number will be about 25000. Besides usual activities necessary for implementing a project, the partners will carry out activities leading directly to preparation of main results. In the first phase of the project the needs analysis research will take place in order to find out what are the game requirements (the level of ICT competence of VET Teachers and general characteristics of the game). Research will end with preparation of Needs Analysis Report which will be the base for creation of the game and didactic materials for Teachers. An attractive addition to the game will be the collection of case studies of successful businesses serving as an inspiration for students for opening up own businesses. As the project envisages wide dissemination actions, it is expected that the impact will be significant. It will be noted specifically on VET Teachers and the students who will use the products and in effect raise own entrepreneurial and ICT competences. In the long run the project will have impact on increasing sense of initiative and entrepreneurship not only the students who will take part of the project but also other young people that will be reached via different channels. In the long run also ICT competences of VET Teachers will be increased thanks to wide distribution of didactic materials.

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