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Game As a Tool for Entrepreneurship
Date du début: 1 août 2016, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

GATE - Game As a Tool for Enterpreneurship is a project inspired by a long-term experience with young people preparing for labour market. Especially with those for who self-employment is in the centre of interest. GATE seeks to study, examine and foster the role and function of GAME as an instruction and education tool. Its objective is to point participants at game as an essential tool for education - learning by doing / learning by playing. There are two project activities to be carried out during the project period. First activity is to take place in Slovakia and last for 5 working days. SAPS, n.o. (Slovak project coordinator) is to host 12 project participants. This activity shall focus on game as such, its essential elements and their functions; the potential of a game to teach; advantages and disadvantages of various forms of games. The outcome of this activity is a handbook - a compilation of the most important and useful data concerning game as such.The second activity shall by hosted by our Greek partner (KIKA). 14 participants will be invited to cooperate on preparation of a draft game (prototype if plausible). This game shall both reflect the knowledge from the first project activity (information from the handbook) and be designed to simulate the process of starting one´s own business. It shall help its players understand the steps and processes they have to face on the way to self-employment (key skills - communication, punctuality, motivation, other soft-skills, laws and regulations, etc.)Each activity will be supervised by experienced professionals from relevant fields - trainers, mentors, game developers and producers, coaches, a psychologist, etc.



3 Participants partenaires