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Gaining from Gaming
Date du début: 1 févr. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Schools are places for acquiring knowledge and if they include a good citizenship policy and motivation, they can be perfect for growing responsible adults willing to participate actively in society and build a healthy democracy all around. In this project we dealt mainly with the teachers and other staff members of schools in order to share a taste of non-formal education methods and tools to improve the learning experience of the young people. We discovered experiential learning and many games, which could be very powerful tools to gain new competences (skills, knowledge and attitudes). Debriefing and facilitating were be key parts of the success of these tools.As a result of the project we had many intangible outcomes (mainly the raise of quality of the activities developed by the participants and the partner organization in the future) and also tangible, such as new tools adapted to the specific needs and skills of the participants, and all those new tools were disseminated through the different communication channels (Facebook, websites, twitter, Salto-youth Toolbox...).A group of 9 partner organizations from 8 different countries, sending 2-3 participants each and 2 trainers met in Latvia (Marupe) during 9 days and shared their cultures, learned from each other and discovered all the possibilities of "GAINING FROM GAMING".Our aim in this project was to share experiences and develop competencies on using GAMES in non-formal settings not only as an element of fun, but as an effective learning opportunity for youth. We achieved it using Experiential Learning approach and counting on the active involvement of participants at all stages of the project. The intercultural side of the project was very important in order to achieve high quality results, each country had different perspectives of games in society and they brought interesting approaches to the tools.The main impact was on the participants and partner organizations, as they improved the quality of their daily work, and this will have big multiplier effect, as all of them are active workers with youth aged 13+.The long-term effects are a new generation of citizens, engaged and empowered in their communities, and also future projects among the partner organizations in different educational fields.



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