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Gain Global Awareness
Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

his project aims at enhancing quality regarding the students´ ability to get a job in the future. This is done via practice abroad which will support the student to; develop language knowledge, cultural awareness, personal development, references, business contacts as well as business knowledge, which in return help student to social skills and a global perspective as well as an understadning of things unfamiliar and unknown, which will contribute to a society of understanding and a business with competent staff. Furthermore this project aims at inspiring students to go for practice abroad by organising practice to one class via a course which needs quality enhancement. By doing so and adding a staff training perspective by job shadowing we will support students to cross cultural boundaries and hence being able to inspire them to go for practice on their own in year 3. Wee see that the contact with other countries need to be in real life and this will enable a common platform for students and teachers which will promote the gobal perpsctive. In addition to this we aim at increasing the number of students who want to study a foreign language within their studies at Upper Secondary Level. These activities will enable 23 students per year, divided into 4 school, in year 3 to go abroad. This is divided into 4 schools and a number we see relevant. Furthermore the classbased practice and teacher job shadowing is foucsed on a complete class and therefore the number is higher and includes 40 students plus teachers and one assistant to enable all students, no matter learning disabilities, to join in. Apart from contributing with competent staff in the future and to a society based om understanding we also aim for a long term and strategic cooperation with the partners involved. Since our partners are already long-term or want to work with us from that perspective. This also gives the schools a good chance to work srtategically to enhance quality of processes rgarding practice abroad and to secure its participants.



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