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Date du début: 15 août 2015, Date de fin: 14 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

“GAIA” is a E+ project that contains 3 youth mobility’s of EVS type with hosting stages in Craiova/RO with a 6 month length: - A1: Nov2015-May2016;SO “VCS SKOPJIE” from MK ( & “GEORGIAN YOUTH FOR EUROPE” from GE ( - A2: May2016-Nov.2016; SO: “SCAMBIEUROPEI” from IT ( &“YOUTH INITIATIVE CENTER” from AM ( - A3:Nov2016-May2017;SO: “SYSTEM AND GENERATION” from TR ( & “INTERREGIONAL YOUTH SOCIAL MOVEMENT OF SUPPORT OF VOLUNTARY INITIATIVES” from Russia ( In A1&A2 each SO will send to RO 2 volunteers (1♀+1♂) In A3 each SO will send to RO 4 volunteers (1♀+1♂) EXPLORATOR Association from Craiova/RO has the rol of coordinator (CO) and hosting association (HO) and benefits of the support of several local partners (NGO’S and public institutions) with similar profile. The project sets as objectives the following: - To encourage the reflection and debate regarding eco-responsibility and healthy life style - To contribute to the awareness regarding the natural resource conscious and to adopt responsible practices towards natural resources - To explore in one hand the connections between the mother cultures and on the other hand the themes of “nature preservation” &”healthy lifestyle” - The development of basic transversal competences useful for fastening the transition process from NEET category to a more active life The target group of the activities intended to be developed by the EVS volunteers from MK,GE,IT,AM,TR and RU will include 120 youth from Craiova/RO (from NEET category, youth with disabilities). The weekly agenda for the EVS motilities consist mainly from Working Packages (PL), that represent activities with experiential character: (PL1)Development of public campaigns of ecological and healthy lifestyle education, with intergenerational character, in each month of the stage public events will be created (“Live library”, “non-formal lab of eco-solutions and alternatives for a healthy lifestyle”, “Civic and good neighbourhood acts Olympics”, “street-forest delivery”,”open café” and debates “KarlPopper”/”Parliament”,”world kitchen”,”street animation”,flash-mobs”etc; outdoor and sport activities;intercultural picnic with “trash-hunt” and green space revitalization activities; online&offiline fundraising etc (PL2) GAIA PARACLUB CRAIOVA: development of ecological and healthy lifestyle education activities, with an accent on the inclusion dimension: - Accompanying activities in Romanesc Parc and recognition of flora/fauna; outdoor dynamic solutions adapted for disabilities (scouts) - Outdoor&indoor sport activities - “bingo-quiz” sessions with eco topics and experiential actions for paravolunteering etc - Eco-creative workshops(trash-art,creative recycling,GAIA-walls,GAIA Human Magazine) (PL3)Interactive foreign language workshops (mother tongues of the volunteers/English) through role-playing/theatre/karaoke. (PL4)Promotional activities for E+ opportunities (focus in youth exchanges&EVS);through interactive workshops promoting the vacancies, intercultural evenings,making&disseminating online of video materials/testimonials etc;street caravan E+,flash-mob,thematic ”LOESJE” publication etc. The main results of the project are the competences acquired, at the end of each stage the volunteers being able to receive the YouthPass Certificate that can reflect their main competences (knowledge,attitudes,abilities)developed. We anticipate that the volunteers through the activities developed will generate positive impact contributing to the responsabilization of the hosting community regarding the environment;the materials crated by the volunteers being duplicated towards other RO associations and volunteers countries. On another level we expect that “GAIA” project will generate a positive impact al the partner associations, contributing substantial: at the international aspect of their activities (through consolidation and expansion) and to multiply their notoriety at local and European level; to the diversification of the education services offered with a focus on ones for including youth.



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