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G.I.V.E. Global Illimited Volunteering Energy
Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 28 févr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

G.I.V.E. – Global Illimited Volunteering Energy is an EVS mobilities’ project in the frame of KA1 action of Erasmus+ Programme.Starting from a statement of the Maastricht Global Education Declaration (2002) Global education is “education that opens people’s eyes and minds to the realities of the globalized world and awakens them to bring about a world of greater justice, equity and human rights for all. Global education is understood to encompass development education, human rights education, education for sustainable development, education for peace and conflict prevention and intercultural education; being the global dimension of education for citizenship.”Having this common point, EVS activities we planned in this project reflect this diversity to demonstrate how many different aspects of life and society our NGO’s tackle on a daily base and how we work into our communities to make real the idea of cooperation and inclusiveness. G.I.V.E. aims are:- to use Global education to foster citizens’ awareness on social justice and sustainable development- to help youngsters, organisations and communities to understand the complex realities and processes of today’s world and develop values, attitudes, knowledge and skills that will enable them to face the challenges of an interconnected world- to promote acceptance of otherness and interdependency thus creating the conditions for others to express themselves and build behaviour of solidarity.G.I.V.E will start in September 2016 with preparation and selection of volunteers; mobilities will occur all from January to December 2017. 2 extra months in 2018 are planned to gather results and produce final dissemination outcomes.The project includes 11 partners from 10 countries.Participants are 24 youngsters (12 long term and 12 short term); 12 are from Programme countries (Portugal, Bulgaria, Sweden, Greece, Slovenia and Norway) and 12 are from Partner countries (Azerbaijan, Georgia, Ukraine, Serbia).The 12 short term volunteers are youngsters with fewer opportunities therefore an APV is preview in November 2016, during the preparation phase.All partners expect to host/send youngsters motivated and ready to share their own experience, personal background and to actively participate in activities. To offer different levels of volunteering experience the activities foreseen:- long term (12 month) for highly motivated volunteers ready for a long lasting experience where to develop personal skills and grow learning the working methods of the HO contributing with their ideas and personal projects into the frame of the Global Education;- short term (59 days, almost 2 months) for fewer opportunity youngsters participating in pairs in activities aimed to raise their self-esteem and improve participation, offering a stimulus to meet new cultures and the opportunity to travel and open their horizon, a situation this that is often not affordable for youngsters coming from difficult situation. Global education, as a style of learning and way of thinking, encourages people to identify links between the local, the regional and the world-wide level and to address inequality: it enables people to develop the knowledge, skills, values and attitudes needed for securing a just, sustainable world in which everyone has the right to fulfil his/her potential.Gender, social class, ethnic, religious, human rights, sustainability, social-economic and cultural differences will flow through dialogue and figure among the initiatives organised and also be part of reflexion for the discussions on possible solutions into the communities issues.We’ll create common tools to put into communication youngsters and organisations to exchange good practices of their experience, results of the activities developed, contributions and ideas around the topic of Global Education; this will allow all stakeholders to understand better the reality we live with multiple perspectives and to exchange solutions to answer to global challenges: understand the macro to act in the micro.



10 Participants partenaires