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Date du début: 30 juin 2007, Date de fin: 30 déc. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The cross-border area is characterised by a strong innovative spirit, arming the textile sector for future challenges. The Kortrijk-Lille area has many assets in this respect. However, the stakeholders and their innovations often remain unknown to the public, and the textile sector is definitely undervalued at the national and international level.To set things right and to promote the international textile potential of the area, the project partners bring together all the parties involved in textile innovation in the cross-border area. Achievements: Between 9 October and 7 December 2008,designregio Kortrijk and Lille 3000 organised the Futurotextiel fair. The fair is the result of the desire to promote the textile sector in the Euregion among the various target groups and was established thanks to a constant dialogue between the project partners and their economic, industrial, university and cultural partners. At the Futurotextiel08 exhibition, visitors were able to admire spectacular and advanced applications by companies of the Courtrai-Lille area. The exhibition focused on the importance of research and development techniques in the textile sector. In the context of the off programme, various activities were organised, such as exhibitions, guided visits, workshops and many other activities that were very successful. Futurotextiel thus evolved into a project with a major economic and social impact. The best evidence of the project’s success is that it expanded rapidlyafter the exhibition thanks to its travelling exhibition module. Futurotextiel08 was first presented in the Eurometropolis at the FUTEX Convention in 2009 and has since become an international success. The exhibition and the travelling module, developed from a joint desire and interest in the Courtrai-Lille region, were visited by over 180,000 people and are a strong platform to present and promote the Eurometropolis textile sector to the world and the various target groups.



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