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Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

During a range of years students and professionals in Da Vinci College have the possibility to improve their skills in an international context. To be successful in the labour market of the 21st century students need skills like being proactive, entrepreneurial skills, speak different languages and have good social skills. All these are trained very well in an international context. Being away from home a longer period, being out of your comfort zone, it forces students to reflect on their own life and helps to get a deeper understand of themselves. Taking care of yourself, solving problems, seeing different working methods and work in a different culture is almost always a great joy and very educational. Also for professionals it is of great value, they are the ones that have to train the students, be the examples. So they have to be aware of the world students live in and have a vision how to train them. The objectives of the college are to build a high quality network so we can offer students (excellent) international work placements. The period of this call we invested in this goal by sending some of the coordinators abroad (with college money) to visit companies and institutions. For the future we think this will give a better understanding on both sides how to prepare and tutor students. Students always have their own plan with goals but this did not always match with what a company could offer. We offer the company a booklet with information about the college, the core tasks and work processes, but still this needs improvement. By using the 'Learning Agreement', which will do from 2016 we hope to make another step. In this call we started with 'students in school'. Two projects were successfully completed, which is a major extension of the offer for the students. Not all students are ready to go abroad for a longer period (alone). This possibility is easier' and help students to broaden their view. It is also a first step, about 25% of these students are now abroad again a longer period. Working in a school with other students is very interesting, students have a closer contact with their counterparts and learn techniques that are specific for the other country. Students were offered extra language training, the college offered free lessons in Spaninsh and Chinese. During the first part of this call the OLS did not function very well, from 2015 the students are doing the test and are offered a course. The next step in this area is that students with a level lower than B2 have to do the course offered in the OLS. We decided that students do the test/course of the language of the work placement, not of the country where they are. We send teachers, profesionals working in Student Service and managers abroad, so from different levels and backgrounds people are interested. The next step we are making is to integrate HRM and the international possibilities for professionals. In this project we shifted some money for professionals to the students, because of the large numbers of students that were applying. ECVET: a number of students are assessed on their work placement, to do this a teacher went abroad to have a discussion with the student and the tutor. Or we use a qualified assessor abroad. All students have to do the same amout of tasks they would do being in The Netherlands. After returning home students present their outcomes to their tutor in a meeting where is decided if the tasks are validated and are accepted to be part of the portfolio. As a college we participate also in a KA2 project called Mental Wellbeing in VET and there are a number of applications for the coming years. In the Netherlands we are a member of a group of six colleges called Catch, we are closely working together in all kinds of topics in the international field.



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