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Future media Internet for large scale CONTENT experimentation 2 (FI-CONTENT 2)
Date du début: 1 avr. 2013, Date de fin: 31 oct. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The FI-CONTENT 2 project aims at establishing the foundation of a European infrastructure for promoting and testing novel uses of audio-visual content on connected devices. The partners will develop and deploy advanced platforms for Social Connected TV, Mobile Smart City services, and Gaming/ Virtual worlds. To assess the approach and improve these platforms, user communities in 6 European locations will be activated for living lab and field trials. The project is strongly supported by local stakeholders (regional authorities, associations, educational organizations, user groups) who will participate in the project via "User Advisory Boards". The technical capabilities of the platforms will be validated and improved by integrating new - content usage driven - partners recruited via the open call planned early in the project.In FI-CONTENT (FI-PPP Phase 1), we demonstrated that challenging and bold assertions around next generation Internet content and technology needs are best assessed with radical yet practical demonstrators, use cases, APIs and field research. FI-CONTENT 2 builds on our work in Phase 1, refining the findings where appropriate.The project has good relationships with the other projects of the FI-PPP program. Contacts have been taken for coordination and potentially joint experiments with other FI-PPP projects. The proposal shows how to work with FI-WARE and existing EU infrastructure projects where suitable, and demonstrates how best to create and define new domain specific technologies, mostly cloud based.The FI-CONTENT 2 partnership is a balanced group of large industrial, Content and Media companies, technology suppliers, Telecommunications/Internet access operators, Living labs and Academic institutions. FI-CONTENT-2 harnesses the power and excitement of content on the new Internet to drive European innovation, content creation and distribution to enrich the lives of all Europeans.



30 Participants partenaires