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Date du début: 1 mars 2015, Date de fin: 1 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

In this training course the participants from Palestine, Georgia, Germany, Egypt, Macedonia, Italy, Slovenia, Israel and Turkey had the possibility to realize and improve self-image, self-confidence and to validate own capacity connected with the issue of unemployment. We focused on finding the personal interests, to find the own capabilities and knowledge which were used for creating business ideas. The participants were empowered to take an active role in the youth policymaking in their own society and in creating the future of Europe and in building long lasting international cooperations. In this concept is included a presentation of the possibilities of mobility in the Erasmus+ program as a step which can be taken in the development of a person in counteracting unemployment. Also the participants were encouraged with the idea of virtual market using the possibilities of web 2.0 and cloud services. During the program the participants were focused on finding sustainable solutions which help youth workers to overcome the difficulties in working with unmotivated youth. The participants had informal talks about the situation with employability in their countries but also presentations where they compared different situations and possible solutions. They analyzed the reasons for the unemployment rate and offered interesting solutions and ideas. During the 9 days training, young activists and leaders from different European and non-European countries were gathered in Berlin. They were actively involved in the non-formal learning through interactive workshops and lectures, which provided them with new tools and skills for stimulating youth for mobility, and to take part in the new labor market, decreasing youth unemployment and simultaneously increasing youth employability through creative sustainable initiatives. The activities in this project were: - Team building workshops, in which the “Radioactive waste”, interactive lectures on working online and web 2.0, “Fishbowl” discussions, “Statement game” debates, “World cafe” brainstorming. - In this project we also used the Loesje methodology; Loesje creative text writing workshops, final editing and graphical design; which helped the participants to use their creativity in finding solutions through Loesje posters in English and Arabic, to motivate other people around them. - The daily reflection groups, each lead by an experienced trainer, in which the participants reflected on their learning experience and outcomes, as well as evaluation and follow up discussion. - The YouthPass reflection pairs, who met daily to reflect on the learning process. - During the training we had daily outcomes but also pictures from the workshops which can be used as manuals in the future work. - The participants had the possibility to make their own business plan and the best plans were visually collected and can be used by other participants in their future activities. Also the best business plans are expected to be initiated and realized.



8 Participants partenaires