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Future INternet and Open Data EXpansion (FINODEX)
Date du début: 1 juin 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

FINODEX is a project born to provide new economic and societal value to the European society, through the promotion and the support of innovative ICT services based on FI-PPP technologies and the massive reuse of open data while involving the SMEs and Web entrepreneurs on their creation. They will be able to take advantage of the availability of open data and FI-PPP technologies to create, in a fast and affordable way, innovative services able to bring a massive impact in society and under different domains: health, transport, environment, economy...FINODEX will offer five free different services to SMEs and entrepreneurs: FUND (€4.64M via 2 open calls following the called Lean Startup approach) SUPPORT (information about the open calls, technical and business support services) TEACH (tailored training on business planning and on technical requirements) CONNECT (with other FI-PPP initiatives, relevant stakeholders) INVEST (gathering private investors for the sustainability of the products/services created)For a SME or Web Entrepreneur is a unique opportunity to obtain funds and specialised assessment to create new businesses, products or services guided by a group of experienced partners: ZABALA in innovation management, TRISE in startup programmes and open data, CBS on business training tasks, ENG as technical expert on FI-PPP technologies, ASOLIF providing SMEs specialised on open source software and EUN as expert on private networks for investmentApplying the innovative Lean Startup methodology for new businesses generation, FINODEX will be able to provide services up to 100 different projects from all over Europe making use of the so-called funnel approach, where, from the initial 100 funded projects and after different stages and internal evaluations, around 20 will be incubated, which includes access to further investment opportunities and the generation of sustainable new businesses, products and services based on FI-PPP technologies and open data.



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