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Date du début: 3 mai 2016, Date de fin: 2 janv. 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The "Future in our hands"" project was created based on needs of young people from disadvantageous regions of the Czech republic, Turkey, Estonia, Italy and Slovakia to develop their skills, knowledge and competences regarding labour market. Euroteam turned to the partners from previous "contact making event" called "Moving on", then via social networks and emails to other potential partners. We created a "Call for partners", which was answered by almost 100 organizations. After reading the answers, descriptions of teams and their reasons and needs to participate we made a final decision and chose the partners of the project. The aims of the "Future in our hands" project follow the aims of the Erasmus+ project regarding the fight with increasing unemployment rate of young people.. The project aims to supply the participants with skills that are needed at the labour market and which are often essential in competitive environment. The project supports coordination and mutual enrichment in the field of non-formal education. In compliance with the Erasmus+ programme, the project aloows the participating teams to inform about gained results and outputs and share them and thus increase the impact of the project and its sustainability and ensure the European contribution of the Erasmus+ programme. The aim of the project is to improve the level of key competences of young people, including people with limite opportunities and support their involvement into democratic life in Europe and labour market, support their active citizenship, intercultural dialogue, social involvement and solidarity. The project intends to develop the following competences: communicative and language competences, entrepreneuship, social competences, creativity, ability to cooperate with partners on a specific topic, exchange experience regarding business, unemployment and problems of the labour market in the partner countries. We are going to develop these competences through nonformal activities - workshops, discussions, presentations, excursions, role-play activities etc. The participants will exchange information about unemployment rate in Czech Republic, Turkey, Italy, Estonia and Slovakia, learn to work out their CV for their future empoyer, try various forms of job interviews, exchange their opinion as for dress codes and behaviour and relationships in firms, but also opinions regarding running an own business. An important aim of the project is to allow young people from disadvantageous background to participate in such an event.The participants of the "Future in our hands" project are youngsters aged 15-19 who are active within their organizations and participate in activities and events held in their countries, who are interested in their personal development, in gaining new competences and experience on international level. The participants will be able to communicate in English. All teams will involve participants from disadvantageous background. Disadvantageous background is a common feature of all partner organizations of the "Future in our hands" project. Team leaders of this project will be experienced youth workers.Description of activities - the project is a youth exchange. The main activities will include: ice-breaking games, energizers, team buiding games, role-play activities, presentations, debates, discussions, excursions, cultural, evaluation activities etc. We expect the following ipact: The participants will improve their communication, language, social and etnrepreneurial competences, will increase their motivation to succeed at the entry to the labour market, their ability to work out a good CV, will learn to behave correctly during a job interview, increase their awareness about economical reality at the project place as well as in other European countries about dress codes and correct behaviour in firms, will increase their ability to present their ideas, cooperate in a team, will learn to organize activities in all steps of a project, solve problems regarding jobs, will increase their ability to view the world by an entrepreneurial eye, their creative, It and other competences. The organizatons will intensify their cooperation with their partners for future projects and allow their leaders and participants to develop their competences, particularly the ones that are essential for a successful entry to a labour market. Long-term impact - the participants will be better prepared for labour market, to get a job or start their own business and pass the gained competences to their peers, which could, from the long-term point of view, help to decrease the unemployment rate among young people.



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