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Future+ A continuing Story
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

We are in a process with the domains (clusters of courses) to get international activities in the domain plans, in the team plans and in the longer run in the curricula. It is a process that takes time, not because people do not want this but the pressure on the colleaguas is high already. The contact persons that have a position in the domains and the international coordinator are working on this action which we see as really important. In this mobility project there we apply for teachers, working life representatives and students. The goal is to improve the skills and competences of the participants. To help students to become skilled labourors, to give teachers the opportunities to see how courses are set up in another country, to learn from methods used abroad and to improve the curriculum. Also this international contact give a lot of energy (although most of the times they are very intens), and are seen as very special (like a present) in the life of a teacher. By combining school staff and working life representatives there will be a fruitful exchange of ideas, of better understanding and this will help to improve the quality of the courses in the College. There is a policy plan for a longer period in which we decribe plans for the future. The plan of Da Vinci College will be added to this document. In the strategic plans of Da Vinci College there is a goal for student mobility. On Da Vinci college there is a platform for contactpersons from all the different domains who meet 6 times a year to discuss new policy, practical issues concerning Mobility or projects. This platform is very important because the participants have to translate the ideas to the teams and students. The participants in this platform support the students in all the steps that are needed to go abroad, information, preparation, practical issues, tutoring, validation and dissemination. This program has to be the next step up the ladder by extending the use of ECVET, making more MoU's with partners and Learning Agreements for students with companies. There a a few new activities for us this year, the first one is the partnership that is started to give a boost to work placements in Germany, with 6 Dutch colleges we are going to support Berlin students to develop a network of companies in Berlin. And also we start a few new initiatives to give students that normally would not be going abroad the possibility of meeting students from other countries in a two week project. So the coming years seem to become interesting in the way that the outcomes for the participants will be deeper and of even more value, and that international thinking and working will sink in the organzation.



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