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Fun InterNational Learning And kNow-how Development opportunities III
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 31 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background Hyria Education (Hyria) is a multidisciplinary educational institution offering vocational education and training. Hyria was established in August 2009 by merging seven vocational education institutions and adult education centers. Hyria operates in the rapidly growing Hyvinkää – Riihimäki region which has nearly 90 000 residents, 34 000 jobs, and 5000 companies of which many operate internationally. The development of international operations is very important to Hyria and therefore internationalisation is one of the focus points in its strategy and operations. Student and staff mobility have been identified as critical success factors in reaching the objectives set for international activities. The aim is to increase our students’ and teacher’s professional and international skills by offering them a possibility to participate in international mobility programs. By enabling our students and teachers to acquire new skills and knowledge the quality of education increases as well as student’s employment opportunities. At the same time, Hyria serves the needs of the area’s working life by producing a highly skilled workforce. Objectives and expected results The most important objective is the increase of students’ professional skills, knowledge and attitudes by emphasizing the acquisition and development of key competencies of lifelong learning. The exchange period comprehensively enables students to develop those key competencies which are needed for personal fulfillment and development, active citizenship, social inclusion and employment. During the exchange period students encounter new situations; apply already gained knowledge and language skills in practice; learn to use new technological solutions and platforms while communicating with their teachers, friends and family in the home country; and, compare working methods, the acquisition of technical solutions, the level of sustainable development and legislative issues in the host country. In addition, students are able to develop international and personal capabilities such as cultural awareness, language skills, interpersonal skills, individual growth, independence and the ability to work in a multicultural environment. For teachers the project activities give a possibility to update their professional knowledge and understanding of current requirements of a working life. With the help of this project the students’ and teachers’ professional identity gets stronger, and they are able to find out more field-specific professional development possibilities. It enriches the education in many ways. It also encourages students’ towards entrepreneurship and motivates them to learn languages. The second objective is to continue the development activities of the mobility processes at Hyria. This time the development activities are focus on the following issues: - Facilitate the implementation of skills demonstration/competence tests abroad (create instructions, process flowcharts etc.) - Implement the renewed mobility activities (renewed according to ECVET) - To improve ICT skills of students and teachers. Mobility With the help of the project, Hyria aims to reach its objectives for student mobility (10% of young students). The project comprises 72 4-17 weeks student mobility covering 22 fields of education and 35 educational programmes. Exchange periods are offered principally to Hyria’s second or third year students (young), but also adult students, and recently graduated can participate. In addition to that we wish to send two special needs students, for collecting experiences in order to develop their international possibilities in the future. In addition to long-term mobility during the project there will be two international, work life-oriented study modules, one in Finland and one in Denmark. Hyria’s department of wood processing organises "Toy design and manufacturing" -course during which students’ design and make wooden toys for the local day care centers according to children’ and personnel’ wishes. In Tradium in Denmark the students’ are doing bigger entities, as they participate in manufacturing of children playgrounds with the local entrepreneur. Both courses are integrated English language courses as well, implemented with the help of language teachers. Teacher mobility is connected with implementation of intrnational study module, development of mobility activities (skills demonstration, ECVET) and visiting partners. In addition to that one teacher will complete a 4 – week work-life-period in a partner company in Estonia.



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