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Für Fortbildung in Englisch: Entwicklung von kreativer und innovativen Lehrmethoden auf allen Unterrichtsniveaus
Date du début: 18 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 3 juil. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

As our school strives to be more open and to collaborate internationally with other schools, we have to face the necessity of re-structuring the traditional teaching methods. We also have to provide the teachers who intend to engage in international projects together with their students with an adequate training. Being a young and committed teacher, I am an ideal candidate within my school for projects of this kind. I consider it very important to raise my students’ awareness in intercultural situations and to spark their enthusiasm for other cultures and getting in touch with native speakers. Therefore, I would like to improve my teaching with the use of innovative methods in order to create a motivating learning atmosphere for my students. Besides improving my teaching methods, it is the opportunity of exchanging experiences and ideas with international colleagues that is of vital importance to me. My school can only benefit from that. Another goal for me is to gain knowledge and ideas as far as new creative teaching methods for e-learning on all learner levels is concerned. I am especially interested in teaching methods that aim to improve the productive skills and are suitable for adult learners in particular. After the teacher training I am going to use the teaching methods that I learned about in class to improve my teaching style. In addition, I am going to share my knowledge with my collegues in workshops and lectures so that the second language education in my school can be optimized. We as a school can only benefit both on a language and on an intercultural level from school partnerships.



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