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From peer to peer: European schools cooperating to be bullying-free
Date du début: 10 oct. 2016, Date de fin: 9 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project aims to contribute to a better education from the point of view of social inclusion, combating discrimination, segregation and bullying. In this sense, it aims to provide support and tools to schools that address situations of bullying, discrimination and bullying day, affecting the proper growth and development of students, with the aim of achieving more inclusive educational processes, generated from the base and the people involved in phenomena as the main protagonists.The partners involved in the project represent different realities of the phenomenon of bullying in the European Union (Spain, Belgium, Hungary, Greece, Italy, Romania and Portugal) and have a great experience in the education sector. With different programs and activities to achieve a more inclusive education, applying different measures to eliminate violence classroom and achieve social integration of all students, especially those belonging to ethnic minorities and groups at risk of social exclusion.It is estimated that the direct beneficiaries of the activities will be about 1200 people among students of different schools in the territories, teachers of themselves, their families, etc. In this sense, the project partner organizations different participatory activities will be undertaken in order to involve as many people as possible. In this regard, they will participate in activities at the local level to develop as shall be: (x8) workshops, (x4) conferences, (x8) sectoral meetings (forums) and other activities for the development of intellectual products. The project defines a set of objectives and a work plan to be followed by the project partners, who should be gathering experience and information and generating project outputs based on the results obtained in the different activities proposed. In addition, they planned a series intellectual products that capitalize project results and will be available to all interested educational community. This is intended that the project will be continued by the European educational community autonomously and improving day by day. In the long term development of comparable methodologies are expected by European education systems to achieve a more inclusive education at all levels and in which school life of students allows everyone without exception proper emotional, physical and intellectual development.



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