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From Europe 1010 BC to Europe 2020 PC
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project has been carefully designed to encourage participants from five different European schools to gain hands on experience to trial the new skills they have developed in the field of ICT and expand on their existing ones. The main aim of the project is to make participants (both students and teachers) familiar with the use of technology in the classroom through exchanging good practice examples and explaining the methodology of ICT supported teaching and learning among the partner schools. Our second aim is to prevent students from dropping out of schools too early. Well-performing and up-to-date education and training systems can help to tackle the aforementioned challenges by providing people with the skills required by the labor market. Through teaching better ICT skills and introducing attractive modern tools into learning processes, we aim at improving the quality of education and training, which in return will lead to more engaging and enjoyable lessons and motivated individual-based learning processes that will lead to falling numbers of drop-outs. In our project computers, laptops, tablets, interactive (white) boards/screens (if available at the school) will be in the center of our project work by circling the topics. As the technical equipment in the schools differs the cooperation at European level, the job-shadowing and exchange of technological knowledge and experiences in that intensity as described in the application is also innovative for the project partners. Leadership, teamwork, reflection, management, presentation, communication and negotiation skills are very important in personal and professional life, but are not sufficiently covered in school curricula. During the project, the children will also learn important things of new technologies for learning and communicating so they can participate in the digital word. We try to merge a wide range of schools with their individual assets, starting with primary and basic schools, pupils between 6 to 13 years old. This again is an innovative approach as cooperation between such a distribution of schools has been rather unusual in former project generations, nevertheless we consider this cooperation indispensable if we want to meet the EU strategic framework “Education and training 2020”. The project “ From Europe 1010 BC to Europe 2020 PC” will take place in five European countries (Estonia, Finland, Poland, Slovenia and Italy) in 2015 - 2018. The objectives are improving ICT skills in general, but also taking into account intercultural differences. The course will incorporate methods of formal education such as ICT skills and apps based workshops and job-shadowing experiences, creating website, eTwinning, e-books, ICT literature, intercultural communication. The project will provide theoretical knowledge, but the main focus will be on exercising and practicing those skills in various situations that will develop the ICT knowledge, language skills, boost confidence, as well as leadership skills and raising the level of understanding and openness for people from other backgrounds, which is crucial when talking about pupils with fewer opportunities. We hope that the project will bring the partners together through development of common ideas and teamwork. We strongly believe that the partnerships established during this project will continue and will have effect in new Erasmus+ projects as well as in participants’ private and professional lives.



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