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From black and white to colors
Date du début: 25 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 24 janv. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

From black and white to colors is a project of Sirina Association, which aims to develop activities of volunteering with children and young people from Berzasca, Caras Severin. The project fits in one key action, youth mobility, funded by Erasmus + . Activities will be supported by involving six foreign volunteers that will be hosted in mobility internships lasting 9 months between October 2014 - June 2015. Volunteers are young people selected by the four partners in this project from the following countries Bulgaria, Cyprus and Spain. The partners organizations are working in youth initiatives, volunteering and civic engagement. The development of this international partnership will ensure the exchange of experience and examples of good practices in educational and social field between partners, with directly and immediately impact in the village Berzasca. The motivation of the Sirinia Association to enforce this project relies on a permanent organization involvement in social action and community for the community of Brezasca from 2011 to the present. The project aimed at developing educational programs adapted to real needs of the personal development of children and youth in involving six volunteers Berzasca international. The organization has provided three main activities framed enter a management plan and vision. The first set of educational activities after school is for children using methods of non-formal youth center developed in partnership by Sirina and Sirina Gorinchem - The Netherlands and in partnership with kindergarten and school from Berzasca. Children and young people will participate in creative workshops, learning foreign languages, education, hygiene, health and personal development. The second set of activities - the Community for the future - will train foreign volunteers and young children both in ecological activities, journalism, organizing two thematic seminars, interviews with people in the community and civic theater. These activities are meant to increase work experience to young people, to develop social skills, communication and planning and team work. The third set of activities aims to promote intercultural education actions. Volunteers and participants will organize two seminars on intercultural exchange in mixed communities, intercultural and cinemateque evenings and a local festival represented by local minorities in Berzasca. Volunteers will promote their cultural background and will contribute to promotion of local and cultural values.



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