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French for Life
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project has been planned in response to an audit of staff skills and abilities in teaching a modern foreign language, namely French. Over the past 6 years the school has taught French and Spanish at an elementary level and has been involved in several British Council funded programmes including headteacher job shadowing, language immersion courses, Comenius project and eTwinning. Broadfield was also successful in achieving The International School Award in 2012. As a school with a very diverse intake, languages and heritage form a key part of our school ethos and mission statement. We value and respect the differences and similarities that our school community has and we celebrate the diversity. Within this context we feel that language teaching is very important and that pupils need to have a good understanding of their place within Europe and the whole world. Once we had taken the decision that French was to be our chosen language for meeting the requirements of the new national curriculum we identified the support and training we needed to ensure that staff had the skills to deliver an effective and exciting curriculum. It is fundamental to our ongoing success that pupils receive excellent teaching and learning opportunities and that staff have the ability to provide that. The objectives of the project therefore are summarised as ensuring that the staff improve their French language skills and knowledge of the French culture, that pupils receive good teaching and attain well, that all pupils have access to an inspiring curriculum, that improved competence leads to other opportunities in terms of further study and career prospects and that pupils and staff have confidence in their abilities and feel proud of their place in society. Six members of staff will train in France over a two year period and will cascade their learning across the school and with other professionals. Participants will include teachers and support staff as it is envisaged that all staff will have a role to play in encouraging good language models and ensuring pupils make good progress. The dissemination of outcomes will take place within and beyond school reaching a wide audience of pupils, parents, teachers and education personnel. The actual number of participants including pupils and adults will range from 500 to 1000. The activities involved in the project will include staff Inset within the school to provide all staff with ideas and ways forward in teaching French. There will also be additional input for the six participants to prepare them for their course in France. The course in France will provide the participants with challenging language classes according to ability and will introduce them to the cultural traditions of French life. There will also be the opportunity to make initial links with a French school. Following the course each participant will be expected to present the outcomes of their course including ideas for methodology and resources for language teaching. They will work with other staff in developing effective practice and will engage with professionals beyond the school to support their development too. Throughout the project opportunities to reflect and evaluate progress will be built in. It is important to keep on track and not to lose focus. Regular team meetings will analyse and discuss impact and share their findings with the other stakeholders. As a result of the project it is envisaged that staff will be highly skilled in delivering good quality French lessons where pupils will make at least good progress and will achieve expectations. The profile of modern foreign language teaching and learning will be raised not just within the school but with partner schools and the local authority and further via our website. There will be an improved understanding of French culture and the establishment of new links with schools in France. Hopefully out of that new eTwinning projects will emerge and e-Pals will be set up. For the pupils the impact will be great. Ultimately the project is about them and ensuring that we are providing the best possible experiences for them in language learning. They will be motivated, confident and skilled speakers of French and will be able to continue with further higher level study at secondary school and beyond. In the future their prospects in terms of careers and employability will be greatly enhanced. For the staff, their skills and competence in teaching and learning in French will grow and develop as their confidence increases. Success will breed success and many future pupils will benefit from the professional development they have taken part in during this project.