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Fremdsprachenimplus in Englisch als Basis für Schulpartnerschaft in Verbindung mit work experience
Date du début: 1 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Background: Based on the long-term intentions by all those involved - teachers, students and parents - our school was finally able to find an equivalent institution (WMG Academy for Young Engineers in Coventry/England) as a partner for a prospective exchange programme for students and teachers, which is currently being defined. In order to meet the demands of a bilingual project students and teachers alike need to be able to master the language with ease and competence. In addition to a fairly high level of English the project including work-experience situations will allow students some valuable insight into a current working world reality and as such, considerably enhance the quality of their future careers. Aims and activities: In order to prepare the teachers they shall have the opportunity to benefit from courses in England so that they enlarge their expertise in general and familiarize with the principles of CLIL methodology in particular. Participating teachers shall benefit from modern and innovative teaching methods and materials and become confident with evaluating, adapting and generating material for their subjects. Especially when teaching CLIL courses the teachers will have to face the challenge of designing and adapting monolingual and bilingual tasks for their special purpose; as such, they will have to evaluate texts and coursebooks; they will equally need strategies to present and teach their specialised vocabulary. The mobility programme is intended to support the participants to boost their language skills and to focus on the language required for teaching a subject in English. Number and profile of participants: Our school intends to send five teachers abroad who show the appropriate engagement in the planning process and the willingness to enlarge their English skills and teaching competences. They are equally expected to function as multipliers for our staff involved in the project. Project mangagement: The participants will keep in touch and share materials and ideas as well as personal experiences via modern means of communication. Teachers will be asked to keep the minutes of the progress achieved throughout the project. Results and long-term effects: The project shall contribute to guarantee a high quality of teaching in a cross-curricular context: Teachers are to benefit from an increased self-confidence in their language competence and their methodological repertoire. Students on the other hand will enlarge their lexical and structural range and as such their ability to communicate in a foreign language, which allows them to acquire mutual understanding of different European idientities.