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Frelsun / Salvation
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Project Summary: CONTEXT AND BACKGROUND The project "Salvation" is a 20-25 minute short film that will be produced by two different groups of filmmakers in two different countries. The pre-production and shooting of the film will be conducted in Reykjavik whilst the post-production of the film will be done in London. The film is about a young religious woman who belongs to a small religious group in Iceland where, amongst other things, blood transfusions are strictly forbidden. After suffering serious injuries in a car accident, she is accidentally given such a transfusion and wakes up to find that her body has been contaminated. The film observes the woman as she tries to save her soul and win back the trust of her fellow parishioners and family members. A small sliver of doubt enters her mind and she starts questioning the rules by which she has chosen to live her life. We observe this young woman as she stands on a crossroad, uncertain as to whether she should commit to her faith or turn her back on everyone she knows. Members of both our groups have religious backgrounds and as a group we have had many discussions about religion. We wanted to further explore the subject of faith and after researching small religious groups and cults, we decided to use the Jehova Witnesses' ban against blood transfusion as a basic premise for our film. We want to elevate the discussion though and focus more on what happens when someone is thrown out of their comfort circle and isn't sure whether he wants to go back inside it? The theme of blindly adhering to social pressures and norms and realizing only too late that your heart lies elsewhere is a universal sentiment and we want our film to reflect that. ACTIVITIES AND METHODOLOGY There will be four main activities. The pre-productions, the shoot, the post-production and the film festival. In each department the members of both groups will have specially designed tasks that they will have to commit to and deliver before a special deadline. PRE-PRODUCTION : Writing: Members of the group will have to brainstorm ideas and comment on script drafts until everybody involved agrees on overall story. The screenwriter, director and producer will have the final say but a clear focus is set on developing the story as a group. "Making-of": The director of the "making-of" film will start filming as soon as the pre-production starts and capture the whole process on film. Location Scouting and Casting: When the script is ready, the producer in Iceland: Anna Sæunn, and director will arrange for location scouting and set up auditions for actors. CREW AND EQUIPMENT: Anna Sæunn will get a crew together and rent the needed equipment. ART DEPARTMENT: Once the location and actors have been decided upon, the production designer, Snædís, will start renting props, furniture and costumes. She will send pictures to both groups so that everyone can capture and understand the general atmosphere and artistic feel of the film. This is something that will help all the other departments when preparing their work. SHOOTING SCHEDULE AND FRAMING The 1st AD, Bylgja, the DOP, Þór, and the producer, Anna Sæunn, will set up a shooting schedule with the director. ACTOR REHEARSAL AND DRESSING Everybody in the Iceland group will assist the rehearsal and dressing for the actors. The 1st AD, producer, DOP and director will go over the details of each scene. The production designer will set up a list of costumes needed for each scene, each day. The Sound Engineer and producer from London will fly over to assist the rehearsal and shooting of the film. During the pre-production the music composer will have sent over some samples of music which both groups will be able to comment on. SHOOTING OF THE FILM The film will be shot in 6-7 days. POST-PRODUCTION: 1st DRAFT OF EDITING: The footage will be taken to London and the producer in London, Sophie Brooks, will oversee and manage the overall procedure. She will create a time frame for a first draft of the movie to be sent to everyone so that both groups can comment and bring their ideas to the mix. The director and producer will have the final say. MUSIC COMPOSING / SOUND ENGINEER When the first draft has been completed the music composer and sound engineer can start working on their craft. During the course of the production they will have prepared and so will not be working from scratch. Samples of music and sound will sent to both groups. PR A strong online presence will be created for the film. FESTIVAL SEASON Both groups will participate in applying for festivals that particularly apply to the project and subject matter. We will attend the festivals when possible, participate in classes and lectures and try to create a lasting international network for both groups.



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