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Fractal-generated fluid flows: new flow concepts, technological innovation and fundamentals (Multiturbulence)
Date du début: 1 mai 2013, Date de fin: 30 avr. 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The unprecedented requirements set by thedramatically evolving energy, environmental and climatic constraintsmean that industry needs new turbulent and vortical flow concepts fornew flow-technology solutions. The full potential and economic impactof radically new industrial flow concepts can only be realised with astep change (i) in the ways we generate and condition turbulent andvortical flows and (ii) in our understanding of turbulent flowdynamics and the consequent new predictive approaches.Fractal/multiscale-generated turbulent and vortical flows are a newfamily of flow concepts which I have recently pioneered and whichhold the following double promise:(1) as the basis for a raft of conceptually new technological flowsolutions which can widely set entirely new industrial standards: thisproposal focuses on energy-efficient yet effective mixing devices;low-power highly-enhanced heat exchangers; high-performance wings forUAVs, cars, wind turbines; and realistic wind-field designtechnologies for wind tunnel tests of tall structures such assupertall skyscrapers and wind turbines.(2) As the key new family of turbulent flows which will allowhitherto impossible breakthroughs in our theory and modelling of fluidturbulence.I propose to realise this double promise by a combinedexperimental-computational approach which will use cutting edge HighPerformance Computing (HPC) and high-fidelity simulations based on anew code which combines academic accuracy with industrial versatilityand which is specifically designed to perform very efficient massivelyparallel computations on HPC systems. I will run these simulations intandem with a complementary wide range of wind tunnel, water channeland other laboratory measurements in a two-way interaction betweenlaboratory and computer experiments which will ensure validations andbreadth of results.


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