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Four seasons - EVS experience in Finland
Date du début: 1 août 2014, Date de fin: 30 nov. 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Youth Centre Villa Elba coordinates EVS project Four Seansons- EVS experience in Finland. This project will host young people from Austria, Spain, Slovakia, Italy and Germany to work with local young people and children. Our area is rural and people mostly lives in small communities with few possibilities to have intrenational contacts. By having international volunteer working together with local people we hope to make multiculturality and internationality as a natural part of young peoples everyday life. The idea behind the project is to engourage local (young) people for intercultural communication and show them the possibilities of Erasmus+. The volunteers will be active members of the working community and are also encouraged to bring their own culture and ideas for making the interaction work in both ways and to make all parties also valor their own culture and values. The volunteers live and work in the same conditions as locals do and get to know thoroughly the everyday life in their hosting communities. We also want to give volunteers from our partner countries a possibility to learn more and get more (work) experience by participating this project. Activities: Youth Center Marttinen, Virrat: Hosting organisation for two volunteers 1.9.2014-30.5.2015 Sending organisations Asociación La Rotllana The volunteer will work together with the regular staff in Youth Centre Marttinen. S/he will take part in all the everyday activities in the centre. Lapua Youth department Hosting one volunteer 1.9.2014-30.5.2015 Sending organisation Studio Progetta, Italy The volunteer will take part in the everyday life activities of the Youth Department. The volunteer will work in local youth centre, in youth house and at schools. Kaskinen Youth department Hosting one volunteer 1.9.2014+30.5.2015 The basic workplace is the youth house and youthoffice at school. Volunteer's normal tasks are working with young people in Youth Activity Center. Organizing evening happenings for young people in local surrounding villages. Visit in schools, afterschool club for children. The week schedule changes between school , youth center and with other happenings. Kälviä, Lucina Hagman's school Hosting two volunteers 1.9.2014-30.5.2015 Sending organisation Landesjugendring Mecklenburg-Vorpommern e.V. and Altea France The volunteer works together with local teachers, youth workers and young people and do activities with them, organise different happenings, working with workshops or clubs and projects for learning languages and cultures of Europe. Youth Centre Villa Elba Hosting three volunteers, 1.9.-1.12.2014 (3 months) SO AK tirol;1.9.2014-30.5.2015 (9 months) SO Asociación La Rotllana; 1.1.-30.9.2015 SO Jugendbilungstätte Unterfranken The volunteer is working together with the regular staff and team of young Finnish volunteers. Together with the team s/he is able to plan activities run by the Centre as well as makes suggestions and gives ideas for whole new programmes and activities concerning the visiting youth groups in Villa Elba. Youth Centre Villa Elba, Globaalia Äxöniä Hosting two volunteer; 1.9.2014-30.8.2015 SO INEX Slovakia; 1.1.-30.8.2015 SO Ayuntamiento de Murcia The volunteer will work together with the staff of Villa Elba. The volunteer can take part in organising different kind of information days and events. We plan to organise program for schools and kindergartens during UN-week, week against racism, Europe week etc. The volunteer will take part in planning, implementing and evaluating the events and projects. The volunteer can also help to organise the International Clubs in our region. Our project meet the programme priorities as we work with such young people who does not have other possibilties to gain international experiences. We also encourage young people to actively participate in the society and to take responsibility for themselves and people nearby. Voluntary work is an excellent way to support young people to gain more initiative, to become more indepent and at the same time develop their idea and thoughts about european citizenship. The idea is also to bring internationality into the everyday life of our local youngsters in order to make multiculturality a visible and natural part of their everyday life. Inclusion of young people with fewer opportunities is our main priority, as trough offering young people a chance to gain new experiences and finding their strenghts we can help them them to overcome different kind of obstacles and support them in finding creative paths into adulthood.



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