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Four Regions, One Europe
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Four regions, one Europe Our project brings together four schools from four European countries: France (the coordinator), Germany, Lithuania and Poland. Those schools have in common their geographical situation, being enclosed in rural areas, far from any big town. Regarding this situation, the aims of our projects are the following ones: students will learn being more open-minded, embracing a common European feeling and European culture; the project will increase their willingness to study languages, especially English (which is the common second language of the four schools) as well as ICT skills and communication abilities. Their opening towards Europe will find a basis in the knowledge of their own regions and everyday culture. That is the meaning of the title of our project: we live in four different regions, and we are going to expand the knowledge we have about them (one's own region and the partners' ones) comparing them with each other and find both differences and similarities; these points form the background which constitutes our common Europe. We also have an objective for adults in our schools: getting to know the other school systems, techniques and pedagogics will allow us to improve our teaching methods; we will produce common tools which will be used in the four schools (and even farther). In each school, the project is open to every willing adult and student. But a small team of teachers is leading the project (about 5 in each school) and we expect to involve at least fifty students in each school, aged 12 to 15. In order to organize the activities within the two years, the project's topic is split into five related subjects : - daily life in our regions - arts - environment - cooking - local tales. Students will have the opportunity to make visits in their own countries, and work at school and also during extra-curricular activities. So they will be able to introduce their region to their partners when visiting them. On the other hand, they will visit their partners' regions and make activities to learn about them. Five students from each country will be given the opportunity to travel and share their partners' life during six days. Two main kinds of products will be done during the project: first of all, websites will be produced to show the results of the work done at school and during mobilities. The other major work will be a collaboratively produced video documentary showing how everyone considers each region: those who live in it, and those who visit it. Teachers will also make study visits in one another's country, to work together and create their common tools. We expect that this project will have an impact on the school communities, as well and on the local and general environment, increasing the openness of our regions towards Europe. We hope that the persons involved in this project will have gained a broader sense of European feeling, will learn being open towards people from other countries and will gain knowledge of different languages, and be conscious they live in different regions included in a common Europe.



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