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Formulating new Goals for global health, and proposing new Governance for global health that will allow the achievement of these goals (GO4HEALTH)
Date du début: 1 sept. 2012, Date de fin: 29 févr. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The MDGs succeeded in generating consensus on and mobilising resources towards agreed goals. They were less successful at clarifying responsibilities for achieving them. The MDG target on sharing global health innovation is particularly ambiguous about the allocation of responsibilities.The members of the consortium behind this proposal assume that the new goals for global health will need to be based on a broad global consensus on the goals, on accepted national and international responsibilities to achieve those goals, and on the kind of governance that is needed to ensure accountability for accepted responsibilities. They believe that the internationally agreed right to health provides a useful point of departure for the formulation of such a global consensus, that the goals should incorporate universal coverage, and that community input is critical to designing the goals.Consortium members will:* Assess the achievements and shortcomings of the MDG approach;* Consult communities whose health is most compromised on their essential needs and their perception of their entitlements under the right to health;* Assess the capacity of low and middle income countries to meet those needs and entitlements, including to identify where international assistance (financial and technical) or cooperation (on sharing innovation or avoiding the brain drain of health workers) is needed;* Analyse the international political economy of global health and global governance for health, to formulate international responsibility for global health;* Analyse, clarify, and re-affirm national responsibility for health, in the light of international responsibility for global health;* Propose new goals for global health, clarifying national and international responsibilities;* Provide suggestions for governance for global health to effectuate these responsibilities.



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