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Date du début: 1 sept. 2016, Date de fin: 30 juin 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

By encouraging the discovery of the Other, and therefore intercultural education, the FDMJC22, hosting and coordinating organization strengthens intercultural dimensions allowing young people from different European countries and neighboring countries to meet, to build projects with others, decentring of their own representations. The Popular Education project which is the essence of the FDMJC22 is primarily a citizenship education project. Thus, by allowing young people to become aware of how they live, by confronting the difference to others, they can work better together. Furthermore, 8 local organisations are involved in this project, including 4 high schools for which the experience of hosting a volunteer will be a first one. Indeed, this year they have been associated to the project; the FDMJC22 has been requested by the DRJSCS (Regional Directorate of Youth Sports and Social Cohesion) to coordinate and participate in an experimental EVS device in high schools. These partnerships aim to instill a genuine local dynamic, and to strengthen the network between schools and associative and non-governmental organisations. Moreover, 8 sending foreign organizations are involved in the projects, to strengthen existing partnerships and create new ones. These partners are from Tunisia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Germany, Russia, etc.In this popular education learning environment, the activities of volunteers will be varied, depending on the specificities encountered by each host structure. Indeed, it not a single host organization archetype that is represented in this project, but several: a young workers home, a City Hall, Youth and Culture houses, then, general high schools but also professional. These multiple partnerships are the fruit of a long methodological co-building process : indeed, meetings, discussions and exchanges enabled to build this project and the implementation of each activity in itself . It is in this dynamic already blown that we want to complete this EVS project. That being said, most of the volunteers's activities will be part of one main objective: promote intercultural education. Then, primarily around issues of European and international citizenship and youth engagement.Hence, nine volunteers will be hosted next September on the local territory: two Tunisian volunteers, a Russian volunteer, two German volunteers, etc. Besides the volunteers, many actors are involved in the project: directors, principals, mayors, etc. The expected impact of the project is therefore located at several scales, but overall, we hope that these projects will arise or maintain good cooperation, both with our local and international partners. The target here is to engage partnerships over the long term. We do not to scatter in too many partnerships. Cooperate requires time, allowing everyone to understand and act in tension with its own and other practices. It is this common work that pariticipates in building shared notions, and defining a common sense of action. We wish this project to instill and enhance a vibrant local dynamic, creating bridges between institutional organisations and non-governmental organisations, linking then formal and non-formal education.



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