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Fórmate en Europa y mejora tu empleabilidad
Date du début: 1 juil. 2014, Date de fin: 30 juin 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The main aim is to achieve students? comprehensive training in personal maturity, professional competences and linguistic skills. In our project, we count with the support of the peer institutions is, without any doubt, guarantee of quality in the development of mobilities: - They have helped us in the selection of each of the host members considering each professional profile. And they have got to one beneficiary for each host member. Only in one case there have been two beneficiaries for a company, but they worked with different work teams. - They have contributed to the beneficiaries? efficient immersion in the culture of the country by selecting host families and by organizing cultural activities, - We have also hosted students from our partner school in France and Germany. That also increases the cultural relation since there is collaboration among the three countries involved. Due to the following arguments: - All the mobilities have taken place according to what had been pre-established. - Fulfillment of the main objective, which is the integral training of our students. - And analysis of the surveys of the beneficiary students and chaperon teachers. We evaluate the project very highly and we consider it has been very beneficial for the students, for the chaperon teacher and even for the institution. STEPS TAKEN: FIRST: Host city: Landernau (France) Dates: From 17th March to 17th April (Travelling on the 16th March and 18th April). Overall 5 mobilities in the following fields: - 2 students of Vocational Studies on Micro-computing and Networks - 3 students of Vocational Studies on Electric and Automatic installations SECOND. Host city: Munich (Germany) Dates: From 7th April to 8th May (Travelling on the 6th April and 9th May) Overall 3 mobilities: 2 boys and 1 girl of Vocational Studies Micro-computing and Networks. All of them, 8 students, have done a thirty-two-days-training in a company from Monday to Friday. All the participants have taken a language and culture course and have received some preparation and help before travelling. They have attended an activity developed by The Regional Service of Employment, " Employment in Spain and in Europe" and an activity called "Oportunities in Europe for young people" developed by INJUVE, as planned. ACHIEVED RESULTS: The students have improved their linguistic skills of the language spoken in the host country (French or German) and also in English, which was the language used to communicate with the family, people from the residence and in the company. We have also widened their professional competences through the acquisition of new ways of organizing work and they have acquired new technological knowledge. The level of achievement depends on each particular case, the same as it happens in Spain when the student does the training in a company/enterprise. It also depends on the productive moment of the company. In that case, we could evaluate the process as of a medium-high level for both sides. With respect to the personal competences (intercultural and maturity) of the beneficiaries, we are completely satisfied. The students were perfectly adapted to the host families and the working environment. At all times, students have shown responsibility and reliability, as it is expected from any flexible and tolerant person. Many of them claim this to have been an unforgettable experience and would like to go back to the host country. The validation of skills was made as follows: - Training hours in the different companies as part of the module have been computed. - The document Europass Mobility has been facilitated. - The companies have been asked for an additional certification in English about the professional competences acquired by the student. - Our centre has issued certificates about the linguistic and cultural skills acquired by the student.



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