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Formarea de noi competente profesionale din domeniul energiei solare
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Developed using different types of renewable energy, particularly solar energy, provides increased opportunities in the labor market for professionals in this area. The "Formation of new professional skills in the field of solar energy" aims to develop practical skills and acquiring new professional skills in dynamic areas such as of the use uncoventional energy and electrical installations in buildings, for 40 students from the Technical College of Energy from Craiova, for their easier transition from school to employment. In the project, the 20 of participants, students of X-th class of Automation Technicians qualification, will do a training placement for 3 weeks at Andisolartec company in Paphos, Cyprus and will increase their knowledge on use the solar heating installations and solar energy production, and the operation of fixed components of automatic systems and will develop their new skills of designing automation solutions to solar heating and stockings energy production, of assembly / disassembly automation components, of verification and assuring the function of automation systems. The 20 of students in the second year of vocational, qualification Electrician of low voltage electrical installations, will participate in a training placement for 3 weeks at Andisolartec company in Paphos, Cyprus, at the end of which will have new knowledge and skills to perform lighting electrical installations, inside or outside of the buildings. At the end of the training placement, the 40 of participants will have enriched professional knowledge and skills, will have practical abilities to use advanced technologies and extensive skills in dynamic areas such as solar energy and construction, thus having a greater chance of occupy a job after the end of school. They will develop basic skills such as customer satisfaction, teamwork, workplace integration, protection and safety work, professional communication, critical thinking and problem solving, which will ease the transition from school to workplace. The experience gained by working in a company in Europe, working in a multicultural team, the familiarity with European values, improved linguistic and cultural communication skills, practicing active European citizenship will facilitate the integration in European labor market and in different cultural contexts in Europe. Integrating theoretical training with work based training on a European company will contribute to the diversification and attractiveness of the school educational offer, to increase the quality of education and training, to adaptat the training to the European labor market requirements, finaly, increasing the level of the insertion of the graduates in the labor market. The project will contribute to increase the prestige of Energy Technical College in community, to reinforce the school’s international strategy, to develop the school capacity to operate at European level, to prepare, organize, monitor and to valorize the results of the international mobility projects. At European level, the project will help to achieve the objectives of the European strategy of education and training (ET 2020), to increase European cooperation in education and training, to facilitate the mobility of European training and workforce training and later, to increase mobility on European labor market.



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