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Formare europeana in turism și alimentație publică
Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project „European Training in Tourism and Catering ” addressed the need of the trainees at initial highschool training, field of training –Tourism and Catering, of developing professional and linguistic abilities with the view of increasing their job prospects on a labor market that becomes more and more competitive each year. Other objectives of the project were increasing participants’ awareness and understanding towards other countries and cultures, increasing the interest towards vocational training, increasing trainees’ mobility and improving the quality and training in the VET field. The way the objectives of the project were met was evaluated by specific instruments (surveys, individual report, practical evaluation). The target group of the project was formed by 14 students from the initial cycle of highschool, having as the main field of study Tourism and Catering. The students came both the urban (9 boys and 2 girls) and rural area (2 boys and a girl). The selection of participants followed a rigorous procedure (file application, practical evaluation, grade at economic subjects, written paper-English language, oral examination- English). The host Organization was Tellus, a vocational training provider that has been involved in VET mobility projects since 2003. Tellus, accredited by Ofqual through the regional Centre Ascentis is qualified to issue a transferable credit for the unity Responsible work practice, which cannot be obtained unless there is work-placement training. The activities of the project were designed in specific stages: completion of the project team, activities meant to inform about the project, negotiating the contract and Learning Agreement with the partner organization, informing and participants selection, cultural, linguistic and pedagogical training of the participants, the mobilities in England (including the evaluation of the learning outcomes), validation and recognition of the learning outcomes, issuing the Mobility Pass, the completion of the individual reports of the students, dissemination activities (throughout the project), gastronomic exhibition and students presentation. Students’ activities during the mobility were designed in accordance with the stipulations of the MECTS curricula for the initial cycle of high-school, specialization Tourism and Catering, and included elements such as: obtaining dishes with low degree of complexity, presenting the dish on the plate, serving drinks, welcoming clients, cleaning procedures. The main learning outcomes were the development of the professional competence related to the field of training Tourism and Catering but also the development of linguistic abilities (English) and intercultural competence. The validation of the learning outcomes was accomplished by a specific procedure at the end of which the Mobility Pass was issued. (one of the elements of student Portofolio at the end of the project). The last activity of presenting the results of the project, reflected also in local media, integrated students presentation on project activities and learning outcomes, personal reflections together with a culinary exhibition (a practical testimony of the abilities acquired during the project and especially during the mobility training), a project leaflet and last but not least a dissemination billboard. The project had a positive impact on the project participants by developing their professional and personal competence (which was clearly shown in the participants reports) but also on the institution to which they belong to by increasing its visibility in the local community through articles in the local media (on project activities), by increasing trainees mobility and by contributing to an increase of interest towards vocational training.



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