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Formación Profesional en el Espacio Laboral Europeo
Date du début: 16 juil. 2015, Date de fin: 15 juil. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The consortium presenting this project consists of the Regional Centre for Innovation and Training “Las Acacias”, hereinafter CRIF Las Acacias, which is the coordinator, and ten officially credited Vocational Training Schools schools of the Autonomous Community of Madrid. The teachers taking part in the mobility programme, come fron these schools. The main objective of the project is to create opportunities to improve the cooperation between Vocational Training Centres and European companies, by connecting teachers with the actual business world .Through the impact of this mobility on teaching practices, we will help to improve the employability of the VET (Vocational Education Training) graduates. To achieve this objective, teachers will be granted a mobility, in a company of their sector in a European country. They will participate in a real productive activity and share the working environment. Thus, they will cover the training needs arising from the continuous transformation of technology and processes in industries and services companies. A training course is also to be run, with the participation of all the schools of the consortium, that will provide attendants with a more theoretical learning a complement of the practical training meant to be implemented through the mobility. List of planned mobilities: -School name, Sector, Host countries. Number of teachers. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- - IES “Juan de la Cierva”, Mechanical Manufacturing, United Kingdom. Three. - IES “Julio Verne”, Electronics, Germany. Two. - IES “Enrique Tierno Galván”, Computer Sciences and Communications Technology, Germany. Two - IES “Los Olivos”, Administration and Management , Italy. One. - IES “Humanejos”, Transport and Vehicle Maintenance , Germany. One. - IES “Prado de Santo Domingo”, Electronics, United Kingdom. One. - IES “Escuela de la Vid”, Agricultural, France. Two. - CIFP “Simone Ortega”, Hotel Management and Tourism, Hungary. One. - IES “Vallecas-Magerit”, Administration and Management, Germany. One. - IES “Hotel Escuela”, Hotel Management and Tourism, Job Training and Counselling, Foreign Languages, in Denmark, France, Hungary , Belgium and Turkey. Eleven. In order to manage the project and coordinate all the agencies and personnel involved, a diagram of Gant will be used and shared through Internet (Gantter account). It will allow participants to edit and view all events. Web pages of the centres, twitter accounts, such as @FPCrif, a specific blog and information leaflets will be used for general dissemination of the project together with the participation of teachers in the European Mobility Conference which is organized yearly by the Vocational Training Department of the CRIF “Las Acacias”. The CRIF “Las Acacias” offers the Virtual Library of FP, based on Moodle (, that will be be used as a means of communication with partners and beneficiary teachers. It will serve to provide practical information and as a communication forum, as well as to disseminate teaching materials resulting from the mobility. We expect a relevant impact throughout the Vocational Training Schools in Madrid. Regarding support and encouragement for both teachers and pupils participation in these training stays in the European workplace.



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