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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The project involves the carrying out part of the module “Workplace Training” outside Spain, in different cities in Denmark, United Kingdom and Germany. A group of eight students per year is proposed. They will be training the cycle “Nursing Care Assistants” and "Farmacy -Parafarmacy" to complete their education working in hospitals and nursing homes in the area assisting the elderly. We want to highlight the importance of training our students properly in a society that is developing towards an aging population, and where it will be very important to devote a great part of our resources to the assitance of old people, who, in many cases, are not independent. We must emphasize the importance of adequately preparing our students in a changing society toward greater aging and where, therefore, it is essential to devote much of our resources to care for the elderly, in many cases dependent and large consumers of drugs and other drugstore remedies. The mobility project would involve the Department of Health, especially the educational team of the cycle "Nursing Care Assistants", which is offered in daytime and evening. There will be a coordinator, Dr. Beatriz Robredo, who forming a team with other teachers involved, will make all the important decisions. Also, some representative students will participate in the project and they will inform the other students. Largely, Project application arises because of the interest of the students. The needs that are addressed can be summarized as the following: - Knowledge of other Assistive Care System, hospital and residential and elderly homes, differences in technology, organizational, cultural and psychosocial factors. -To deep in communication in other languages (in this case English and maybe a little native language, Danish) by improving their language skills. -Provide a personal, matured experience that can be useful in their future careers. -Meet other European countries, cities, people, culture, customs and forms of social organization. -Open the job prospects outside the Spanish borders. As for the expected results, in addition to improvements in the technical and personal preparation of students , we seek to strengthen the exchange of young people to build Europe, to strengthen links between similar institutions, to exchange experience among teachers, to learn about different forms of assistance that will allow students and teachers to adapt to all kind of changes. Mobilities will take place in Denmark, near Copenhagen populations (Ringsted and other cities), Bremen and Hannover, United Kingdom (Glasgow) in a group of eight students per year for five weeks. It will count as part of their subject “Workplace Training”, approximately half of the prescriptive hours (between 150 and 200 hours) that would complete the network of collaborating organizations of their school (largely the same type, Hospitals and Assisted Residences).



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