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Date du début: 1 sept. 2014, Date de fin: 31 août 2015 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

This project is directed at 2 Basic Vocational Training students in Computing. The project will take place between March and June of 2015 in Berlin, during a period of 12 weeks, in companies provided by our partners, the Vocational Training Schools OSZ INFORMATION UND MEDIZINTECHNIK. We direct these project to three basic vocational training students because we consider that it can be in line with the national objectives of the Leonardo da Vinci Programme, given that our main priority is to enhance their employment opportunity, as well as foster their creativity, their entrepreneurial spirit and the possibility of getting a permanent learning regardless of their socioeconomic conditions. We have already carried out several mobilities of Initial Vocational Training Computing students and the experience has been highly satisfactory. We also have various years of experience in mobility projects Leonardo and Erasmus and we know the benefits that these experiences can bring to our students. It is very important for our students to know other European countries with a common project. The awareness and exchange of experiences and good practices will be what the students understanding of the concept of Europe and the challenges as European citizens will be based on. It is also the guarantee of good quality. This experience will permit to focus furthermore on the professional fields and will aid in developing necessary aspects of the personality. Aims of the project: 1 Participate in a shared fundamental project for the benefit that it brings to our pupils and contribute to its diffusion. 2 Become familiar with and exchange experiences so that the students understand the concept of Europe and the challenges that they will be facing as European citizens. 3 Ensure that the students obtain a higher understanding of their own professional fields of work. 4 Develop essential aspects of the students’ personalities like responsibility, self-dependence, initiative and the capacity to adapt to different situations. 5 Keep an eye out for new measures which will enable us to ensure that the preparation carried out in our academic environment is up to date. 6 Offer communication in German and perfect the use of English as the language of communication. 7 Increase the possibilities of insertion into the European market. 8 Innovate in the professional work placement after contact with another member EU. 9 Boost the coming together and understanding of German culture and society. 10 Encourage the productive cooperation between centres of education and European companies. Beforehand, the students will receive cultural and linguistic training and their tutors will carry out a supervision during the whole stay. Our partners will watch over the placements so that they correspond with our aims. The placements will be evaluated and certified by means of the Europass Mobility certificate, among other documents.



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