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Foreign Languages Education for Professional Purposes
Date du début: 1 déc. 2013,

The project's wider objective is to increase specialized Universities’ capacity in meeting the evolving market needs and governmental strategies of development, as well as in coping with new challenges of education, by modernizing their language teaching capacity; to help graduates of specialized Universities to increase their employability through obtaining viable language skills. The specific objectives of the project are: 1) to help specialized Universities to restructure their language curricula; 2) to train and/or retrain foreign language teachers at specialized Universities; 3) to help specialized Universities build their teaching and technical resources; 4) to disseminate the results and to train groups of professionals and disadvantaged groups within the Life-Long-Learning segment of the project. The main outcomes of the project will be modernized language curricula and language teaching methodologies (in particular, in respect to English and German for special purposes) at specialized Universities in AZ, KG and TJ; language teaching resources developed on the basis of advanced experience; language teaching personnel trained or retrained; restructured language departments and established experimental language chairs; new language resource centers equipped with learning resources and moder technology; language courses organized for professional communities and disadvantaged groups; organziation of conferences; round tables and workshops for dissemination and sustainablity purposes; development of web reources; and involvement of Governments, youth organziations, potential employers and other stakeholders in the reform process.



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