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Forecast of Circulation in the Marine Space of Macaronesia (PREVIMAR)

Main objectives: To develop and to create the operational bases for a system of numerical forecast of oceanic circulation Macaronésica and its impacts in the alive resources, the characteristics of the water of the sea, in the spills and accidental spills. System of forecast of oceanic circulation for all the Macaronésica (on line) via Internet. Subsystem of forecast for each one of the Archipelagoes to correlate circulation with other data (distribution of alive resources, small and great fishes, zoo and ictioplancton). To produce forecasts and diagnoses on the dispersion of larvae and polluting agents. Analysis of the reconstruction of historical series (example, pelágicas captures). To consolidate a stable network (MOO) of cooperation that allows a support to the integration of the knowledge, joint form in the Macaronésico space and improves the interaction in the ERA.



2 Participants partenaires