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Fordypning i Dyrepleie og kultur på engelsk og Fordypning i Hest og kultur på engelsk
Date du début: 1 juin 2015, Date de fin: 31 mai 2017 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

EQUINE The participants of this project are Upper Secondary school year two students on the Equine and Farrier course of studies. The equine industry in Norway is relatively new in comparison to other countries. In order to help professionalize this industry it is vital to obtain impulses and expertise from abroad. One of the countries that has a long standing tradition in the equine is England. Melsom School has established a partnership with Hartpury College in Gloucester, England. This college is a well renowned in the European equine world, and a stay there is a unique opportunity for our students. Norways climate and its equine population are quite different to those of England. In particular, the use of the horse and the horse culture in Norway are very different. Horses in Norway have traditionally been used in agriculture, and are in fact still used today in the more remote parts of the country to work the land and forests. They have been used to a lesser degree for competitions an leisure. However, over the last few decades there has been a rapid development in the industry, and the need to draw and learn from such tradition-rich countries like Britain is therefore important and essential for the development of an up-to-date and professional equine industry in Norway. A stay at Hartpury College will provide our students an insight into the various fields within the equine industry which is currently under development in Norway. The project is intended to be implemented in 2015 and 2016 with a set number of students each autumn. During their stay the students will, through practice and theory, gain knowledge and understanding of certain areas of the equine industry in England. In addition, the students will carry out yard duties at the Hartpury College stables, follow on foot a traditional fox hunt, visit an equine rehabilitation and welfare center where they take care of old, sick and injured horses, and spend some time at a busy equine Vetrinary clinic. During their stay at Hartpury the students will be given demonstrations of some of the exellent facilities, such as treadmill, and get the opportunity to observe work-ups of clinical cases, thus enabling them to gain a working knowledge of the cardiovascular system of the sports horse. They will also se part of a rehabilitation program when horses are worked in the aqua-treadmill. ANIMAL CARE In Norway we have an educational institution at college level that educates Animal Carers. Within this education the students get very little training in dealing with exotic animals. Melsom` s offer within Animal care does not lead to a veternary nurse qualification , but gives students the skills to take assistant jobs in Veterinary Clinics and in pet stores. To provide our students with as broad as possible expertise in animal care and exotic animals, we must travel outside Norway. Melsom, has today, an ongoing collaboration with Hartpury College in equine studies and will further develop this cooperation to include Animal care. Hartpury is the place to go with our students where they will recieve both practical training in dealing with exotic animals and also theoretical knowledge. During their stay, students will be involved in the daily care of exotic animals, treatment of sick and injured animals. Hartpury also a hydrotherapy center for dogs where our students will be involved in the treatment of dogs that have injuries and problems. When it comes to language skills, pupils will train on a daily basis as all lessons will be given in English and communication with other students and teachers will also be in English. This helps to build confidence in speaking Englinsh. Throughout the project the students will experioence a variety of cultural differences, focusing on british politenes. Those students who will participate in this project are students from Level 2 Agriculture and horticulture industry with specialization in Animal care. The project is intended to be conducted in the spring of 2016 and 2017. An equal group of students each spring During their stay, the pupils will gain knowledge, via practical and theoretical classes, about Animal care with focus on handling and care of exotic animals. Throughout their stay, students will also gain insight and knowledge of the cultural differences between Norway and England with special focus on courtesy, and terminology in the English language. During their stay, students will also be enlightend about further educationall possibilities , and hopefully bring potential business ideas home to Norway. Through the activities, work experience and education, students will be challenged to practice speaking English, and therefore become more confident in using the English language after their time at Hartpury



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