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For the protection of Hajdú-Bihar and Bihor counties' natural values (HU-RO Nature)
Date du début: 30 nov. 2009, Date de fin: 29 nov. 2010 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

The strict control in the past on the borderline area between Hajdu-Bihar and Bihor counties, made it difficult to conduct field surveys, but also helped to preserve the natural values. Even though the removal of borders inside the EU, brought some changes, but because of the above mentioned reasons exact and thorough surveys are still in need. The specific goal of the project is to develop and build cooperation in conservation work on both sides of the border. To reach this goal, the best-known conservationist NGO's from these 2 counties will work together, to conduct research activities on flora and the fauna in the borderline area, and to designate borderline and cross-border areas for protection status. The geographical area affected during the survey is approx. 50.000 hectares and the estimated area designated for protection status is about 20-40 hectares.The general objective of the project is the protection of Hajdu-Bihar and Bihor counties' natural values.Target groups: population of the area which will be surveyed, about 300.000 people on both sides of the border.The main specific activities and results of the project are: surveying the narrow borderline area between Hajdu-Bihar and Bihor counties (within 6-6 km) focusing on the valuable areas with insufficient or lacking data and information; educational, informational presentations in 6-8 borderline towns and villages; creating a volunteer - civil- observation patrol on the borderline area; Hungarian-Romanian workshop „For the appropriate forestry on Natura 2000 areas", „ Presentations on good practice and experiences of forestry and conservation work, with a field program aiming to foster cooperation between Hungarian-Romanian colleagues"; organizing forums for strengthening partnerships between Hungarian-Romanian municipalities, state organizations, NGO's and other institutions.



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