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Food speaks every language!
Date du début: 1 janv. 2016, Date de fin: 31 déc. 2016 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Bloom Foundation coordinates the Youth Exchanges ‘Food speaks every language’. Youngsters from two organizations take part in these exchanges:1. Akdeniz Universitesi Finike Meslek Yüksekokulu ( Akdeniz University Finike Vocational School ) which is a unit of Akdeniz University, Turkey. This school is giving pre-licence degree to students in 2 years.2. D'ROEM stands for: Dare Count On Your Own Capabilities. D' ROEM is a learning company in the Netherlands, in the form of a lunchroom and a day care project for early school leavers (young people and teenage mothers) aged from 16 to about 27 years without a start qualification.Both organizations guide youngsters with fewer opportunities using the hospitality industry as an instrument to learn youngsters skills and knowledge which helps them to start an education in this field and have more opportunities to get a job later on.Between March and June 2016 there are 2 exchanges (first to The Hague, Holland and second to Antalya/Adrasan, Turkey) for 16 youngsters age between 16-21. Students will visit schools (horeca), shops and restaurants and follow workshops in the hospitality industry. Some of the activities will be organized by the students themselves. Also they will meet the other culture and other students with the same backround.Youngsters (and their leaders) will learn about the hospitality industry in the other country, giving them new skills which will help them at an education in this field and give them more possibilities in getting a job later on.Also youngsters will learn a lot of soft skills; going out of your comfort zone wil give learning opportunities to grow personally, for example to get more self-confidenced, making friends and other social behaviour skills. Also the youngsters will learn from being involved in the program; learning things like planning, project finance, how to make a day program interesting for the group that will visit you, etc.To see and experience how other youngsters in a different country live and learn can give a good reflection on your own life and situation.



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