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Date du début: 1 sept. 2015, Date de fin: 31 août 2018 PROJET  TERMINÉ 

Our partnership relies on experience and innovation with three partners who are used to working together and who have proven their ability to successfully carry out efficient and enriching projects together and the arrival of a new French partner willing to open itself to international cooperation and to widen its students' opportunities by giving them an experience of the wealth and quality of collaborative work. 'Mens sana in corpora sano' - The objective of this project is to give the students a clear understanding of the issue of health by allowing them both to experience our diversity and to reflect upon our different perspectives. It is our common belief that raising awareness of the importance of health and well being is an important way of reducing underachievement and early school leaving. The four schools share common motivation in terms of the ambition they show both for the achievements of their students and their firm belief in the value of international cooperation. They are also very diverse regarding their history and geographical location, located in rural or more urban areas and housed in old or brand new buildings. Each partner will bring its area of expertise to the project which will mix teachers of diverse subjects ranging from IT to foreign languages and specialists of the subject that will be studied over the next three years (literature, social sciences, health, biology, PE) Our activities will be organised along two guiding principles: Experience and Reflection. These two approaches will both motivate the students and enhance transnational cooperation by making it richer and more concrete. The etwinning platform that has already been opened will be the main tool on which the results of our mutual research and experience will be shared. The regular meetings and activities planned between all the participants have a double purpose: they will contribute to the content of our project whilst facilitating the cooperation between all partners. This 3-year programme intends to deliver concrete results that are both attractive and interactive for the users (our digital product), long lasting and tangible that will address the issue of health and eating habits while developping language skills. Our three year experience will be used to explain and advise organisations on how to deal with this key issue with teenagers. Our students and teachers experience will be validated with Europass.



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